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  • 21 hours ago

    Fibro?Ms? something else? in pain and need answers!

    Here's a little Journey of my health over the past couple months. I'm at my wits end! I don't know what to do, I'm only a 19 year old female. Any advice or comments, suggestions, inferences or hypotheses as to what could possibly be going on with me would greatly appreciated. (writing this with shaky hands), here's a little in sight of what's been going on/ when it started and the symptoms i've been experiencing. I've wrote down the dates from day 1 to present (which....
  • 1 day ago

    Chronic Pain

    I too am one of a million people suffering from chronic pain. There has been much in the media about the opiate crisis. Since I am under a pain management doctor's care and take opiates for chronic pain, I am very concerned. The media states how many people are dying each day from opiate overdoses, but I never hear about how many people, under a pain management doctor's care are dying from overdoses. I take my meds as prescribed and I take them for my pain, not to get high. I have been taking....
  • 3 days ago

    daughter with server headaches and low blood pressure

    Hello, my daughter who is 12 has had everyday headaches for the last year or so. The doctor has her on 3 different meds, but she has low blood pressure and it cont. to drop it. Her blood pressure is ranging about 88/53 lately. As we have to wait for a Neurologist to be able to see her. I'm concerned about her blood pressure that we check daily. She is always tired and cold. When is it too low and need to go to the ER?
  • 3 days ago

    How cope with chronic lower back pain.

    I've been suffering from lower back pain for over 20 years ago and I have gone through 5 plus surgeries, including a fusion, just over a year ago. I have been taking all sorts of meds and therapy for as long as I can remember. Nothing seems to work. I feel that this chronic conditions will have to be tolerated for the rest of my life. I'll be happy with any other sources available in dealing with my condition.
  • Nerve Pain

    A blood draw recently damaged my Median Nerve and now I'm experiencing pretty intense pain whenever I twist or extend my left arm, What's a good way to decrease my pain beyond just favoring my right arm? Would tape / brace help? I'm an athlete so I have pretty much all first aid supplies known to man, whats an in house pain reliever for this type of damage?

  • 4 days ago

    Throat pain

    Okay, first off, I know this was not a good idea in my book. A couple days ago, I had to take an antibiotic at around 4 in the morning. This is super early for me and I didn't want to get out of bed to get water to drink it with. So I dry swallowed it. (I know, rookie mistake). I take a bunch of other pills, with which I always use water to consume them. But I did not with this one and a couple hours later, I woke up with a weird pain in my throat. It feels as if the pill is stuck in my throat....
  • 4 days ago

    Knee injury pain

    About a week ago, I fell very hard directly on my knee while it was bent. I fell from a height of about a foot and a half because I missed a step, and came down hard. X-ray didn't show any fractures. I've started having really bad pain in the back of my knee and it is tender to the touch. It also looks like there is a vein popping out on my upper calf right below the knee. Could that have been caused by the fall? Could it mean a blood clot? My leg isn't warm though it is a little swollen....

  • Enlarged spleen pain

    I was recently diagnosed with an enlarged spleen & liver. I already knew about the fatty liver from previous bloodwork, but it didnt hurt so I didnt think about it. This spleen pain is new & had been a very minor issue until recently. It hurts all the time, I get short of breath, my left upper side is noticeably swollen, & I have trouble sleeping at night. I have an appointment w/ a Gastro doc in a month, & my primary gave me no further instructions. What can I do about the pain?
  • 6 days ago

    Help for massive UTI pain?

    I've been in a lot of terrible pain and discomfort due to a urinary tract infection for quite some time. I'm banking on almost two months now. I went to the emergency room when cranberry juice wasn't cutting it. I did their urine test, which they found high levels of glucose in and I was diagnosed with diabetes which sucked, but I'm currently learning to manage that. About four or five days after that trip, I was called with full results from my urine sample and it was a confirmed....
  • 7 days ago

    Long term back pain

    I am 25 years old and have experienced back pain for over 10 years. It began suddenly when I was a preteen and never went away. I saw a few doctors when it first started and again a few years ago in college. Nothing outside of a slight curvature came up on X-rays. I had chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy for years to no avail. The pain is primarily in my lower back and hip joints but my middle back is affected as well. It is worst when sitting and especially laying for long periods of....