• 20 days ago

    Small lump on roof of mouth dental assistant said was fine

    I'm a 19 year old female with no history of tobacco use and a very infrequent history of alcohol consumption. I have this small lump on the right side of my hard palate, towards the back. It has a slight reddish color when I look at it using pictures. I first noticed it around November. It doesn't really hurt, but when I become super focused on it I tend to touch it with my tongue a lot and it can get kind of sore. Some weeks I forget it's there and it doesn't bother me, but when I remember it, it's constantly present in my mind.

    I went to the dentist for my regualr 6 month appointment in December and my dentist was out sick so his assistant looked at it for me and she said it was just a bony growth and that they would look at it again in 6 months. My biggest fear is that it's cancer (yes, I know I'm not an at-risk individual, but crazy stuff happens) and waiting 6 months would let it get to a point where it's too late to treat it (I know I sound crazy. I can't help it).

    I'm going home for spring break in two weeks and I plan on going to the dentist again, but in the meantime, I'd like some advice from strangers on the internet. If it's not cancer, what could it be? What should I do?


  • 10 days ago

    RE: Small lump on roof of mouth dental assistant said was fine

    So I don't know exactly where it is this bump is in your mouth, and I'm in no way a dentist, but one idea...have you had your wisdom teeth out? I had an experience similar to what you describe when my wisdom teeth were first starting to push toward the surface. There was a bit of a bump and messing with it for too long would irritate it. Just a thought.