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  • February Webinar from Can Do MS: Negotiating Reasonable Accommodations

    As someone living with MS, you have a right to ask for reasonable accommodations that allow you to continue working to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of what to ask, or where to start watch this month's webinar from Can Do MS hosted by expert Nina T. Martinez.
  • 1 month ago

    Girdling Multiple Sclerosis Pain ("MS Hug")

    I was wondering if anyone else here with MS has experienced the so-called "MS Hug," a band of pain or pressure around the chest or midsection. It's happened to me multiple times - ranging from feeling like a literal hug to being excruciatingly painful - but almost always only a night, sometimes while I'm fully asleep. Has this happened to anyone else, or is this a unique problem?
  • 1 month ago

    What's going on?

    I am fairly new to Multiple Sclerosis. I believe my symptoms are being handled pretty well by my meds. I have a horrible numb/ dead pad feel to my feet that is constant. It manages to turn into a hot pins and needles feeling when I move my feet or walk on them. Is this common? My doctor mentioned spinal neuropathy and then let it go! I am currently on 300mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day which helps greatly on my muscle spasms, but NELCH on the feet. Ever seen anything like this?
  • Pain and MS

    One of the common myths and misconceptions about MS is that it is a painless condition. Unfortunately in the past many people's pain was dismissed. As a MS clinician and patient I can tell you with absolute certainty that MS pain is real, and there are ways to manage it! Talk to your neurologist if you have nerve pain, trigeminal neuralgia, muscle spasticity, the MS "hug", headaches, or any other symptom that is interfering with you daily life. For more information you can head to the....
  • 1 month ago

    Chronic headache

    Im 24, I have Chiari Malformation but this seems to be unrelated. I had an MRI but have not had one since this issue discussed has started. My dad has MS. 4 weeks ago, I thought I had a migraine. I took the prescribed Cambia and it went away. Next day, it was back and worse. Took the cambia again but it didn't help, took Advil,daily nortriptiline, muscle relaxers, more cambia. Called my neurologist after 3 days and they suggested going to the ER to get an infusion. It helped, until I stood up....
  • Survey Shows Many People with MS are Open to Using Medical Marijuana

    According to a GeneFo online survey 95% of people with MS are open to Marijuana treatment, and 73% have already tried it. Medical marijuana is not well studied and not legal in every state, making it a controversial topic. You can read the full article here: Do you think people with MS should be allowed to use medical marijuana for pain and spasticity? Share your thoughts and....
  • 1 month ago

    Since 2010

    I get depressed, feel so lonely. It's so hard for people to understand the pain my legs cause, my memory loss, my screwy cognition now, my fatigue.... my feelings go up and down like a lasagna noodle! I try to stay active but I'm only good in the mornings and very early afternoons. Love to read everything I can from others with MS and topics on MS.
  • 25 years now feel lost

    Diagnosed 24 years ago same year I graduated from college, and 2.5 years after the birth of my 4th child. My diagnosis came after 5 years of bizarre symptoms, in which my PCP had written me off as crazy. That is a literal term, he once had me committed for 6 days for depression? The psychiatrist said, "I think you need a second opinion". However my husband and I being trusting still waiting it out for 4 more months before diagnosis. However when diagnosis came I was so thankful that I was....
  • 2 months ago

    Should MS patients continue medication forever?

    Hello, My girlfriend is 23 years old and has been a MS patient for about 10 years. Her first MS attack happened when she was 14. It was in her right eye. The second one happened when she was 20 and it was in her left eye. After the second attack she was prescribed to inject a drug called CinnoVex which Iranian version similar to Avonex. She used CinnoVex until recently. But the injections are painful and with some minor side effects. Then a few month ago she had an MRI and based on that there was....
  • 2 months ago

    It's official, I am not crazy

    It’s official, I am not crazy! I was a member of this board about 5 years ago when I had a bout of optical neuritis and a ton of really weird things going on. I was drifting while I was running and had a bunch of tingly sensations among other things. I went to a neurologist, who basically made me feel like I was a crazy woman approaching perimenopause. I cried. I thought I had the answer to what was going on and my husband even wrote me off as some sort of hypochondriac. Fast forward five years and....