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  • 1 day ago

    I need help please !!

    Has anyone ever been on the drug Quetiapine
  • 1 day ago

    anxiety and picking

    for the last couple of months i have not been able to stop picking at my arms and my chest. i have been fighting anxiety and low thoughts for a long time and ever since i switched jobs and have not been able to see my dermatologist or a counselor the picking has gotten worse as my insurance has not kicked in yet (takes effect 11/1/17). ive tried everything; neosporin, bio oil, aquaphor they will heal to a point and then open up and start the healing process all over again. it gets to a point where....
  • 2 days ago

    Possible needle phobia ?

    I am a male 25 years. My problem is, for any shots that are given in arm I feel like I am about to faint and feel light headed. Same feel if blood is taken as well. However, if the shot is given in hip or bottom area, I feel perfectly normal and comfortable. I recently read a post about needle phobia. Is this something I should worry about long term ?
  • 3 days ago

    Question about suppliment

    I have been reading a great deal about suppliments and mental health. I, personally, take Fish, Flax, and Borage once/day. Concentration, depression, and sequencing seem to be issues for me (and my adult daughter). Recently, I've read about the potential benefits of 5-HTP. My concern is this: Some suppliments encourage the reduction of cancers, while others seem to "fan the flames" of certain cancers and encourage their growth. I do not have cancer, but I have had siblings and a parent....
  • In Need To Join Major Depression Online Group

    Hi! I suffer: overweight, crazy, sad, past-trichotillamaniac, self-harmful picker, stupid non-filtered thinking brain idiot, emotional diet pepsi & chocolate addict or "the garbage grinder", undecisive, bad-luck charm, forgetful tatas (woman). I have seeked help from doctors who think they know what I am going thru, misdiagnosed as bi-polar before now major depression instead .... they help only with depression meds which helps but doesn't cure ...counseling just makes it worse....
  • 6 days ago

    We've been here before. Kinda...

    My life has been a nightmare since I came into this world it seems. I've (more than) struggled with my mental and emotional well being since I was 7. It started off as the (too often) misdiagnosed ADHD. Depression was later on added on to what seems now to be a never ending list of diagnosis'. From there Bipolar 2 was added. And then Anxiety Disorder, which was specified as PTSD at a later date. Lastly, Borderline Personality Disorder was put at the bottom to end the list. The number hospitalizations....

  • 10 days ago

    What is wrong with me

    For a few years now I have dealt with depression and anxiety. I started Lexapro and I felt almost completely better until it stopped working at around 6 months in. I have added new antidepressants to my regimen and i don’t feel depressed, I feel functional however I am still incredibly apathetic, stressed, and just feel meaningless. I think I still have depression but not as debilitating as before. I feel like my quality of life is really being affected by this though and I don’t know why I feel....
  • 11 days ago

    How can I get an emergency 1 time benzo refill- please help!

    So I take three klonopin a day for ptsd, bipolar, and a severe anxiety disorder. Recently I discovered I was pregnant but decided not to carry through with the pregnancy because my bf left when he found out. I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms, even after the procedure, such as nausea, which caused me to throw up some of my medication after taking it- and then I had to take another dose to make up for what I threw up, causing me to run out of my medication early. I am not completely out but I do....
  • 12 days ago

    What prescription pain meds can I take if I'm BiPolar 1

    I tweaked my back about a month ago. Then I developed severe sciatic pain from my back to foot. Neurologist ordered an MRI and it showed 2 bulging discs and a herniated disc which is pinching my sciatic nerve. It causes pain from the lower back, hip down to my foot. When i stand i get pins and needles up from the foot up my leg to my lower back. My Neurologist would not prescribe me any pain medication. I asked for simple Toridol not Norcos. He said my psychiatrist would need to prescribe them. They....
  • 13 days ago


    So I called my Dr today and she was supposed to call me back today about my meds. Which never happened. I had to ride the bus home from work and had one of the worst panic attaches I have ever had. I was able to keep my attach to myself but barley. Now I am sitting here alone. I feel so lost and insecure. Don't know what to do.