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  • 9 days ago

    I would like some advice on the next steps I should take

    I have been being bullied and harassed at my place of employment. Since returning back from a leave. They first gave me a negative end year evaluation. And it has been one thing after another. I reported to HR and after they ruled in my favor. My manager yelled and talked over me in a meeting. She also stated that she is the boss. After I told her that her behavior is unprofessional and rude. She gives me dirty looks and talks to me with a attitude. And I started feeling uneasy and nervous when going....
  • 2 days ago

    Teen Daughter-Depression

    My daughter has told me within the last week that she is depressed and has thought about suicide. She has also spoken to her guidance counselor about it and they are setting her up with a psychiatrist. We have also gotten her to her regular dr to get bloodwork done and she has been screened and is being set up for counseling. I guess I am confused though, she is and has always been a happy, high achieving kid. Like, excited about things and her future happy. This is just so completely out of the....
  • Schizophrenia & extremely bad Narcissism/Sociopathic behaviors

    The man I've been with for 3 years has Schitzophrenia with several delusional disorders as well as intense paranoia. He only took the smallest dose of Risperidone & 1/2 mg of Klonapin. He went cold turkey off his Klonapin a year or two ago & went manic for a few months. Last May (2016) he suddenly stopped taking his Risperidone without telling me & became an even worse Narcissist than he was before. He completely changed who I thought he was & actually became Sociopathic. The....
  • 8 days ago


    So, I need some advice on what's going on with me. About a week ago, I went to my first carnival and on the first and only ride I went on I had what I guessed was a anxiety attack. The funny thing is, a few months ago I went to Disney World and went on almost every ride, but no problems. It was extremely fun. My mom told me that it might be because I had no control over that ride and that triggered anxiety. I'm not sure though. Ever since then, I wake up at night gasping for air and sometimes....
  • 5 days ago

    How to read posts

    I submitted a post. How do i read what other people post
  • 16 days ago

    depression and anxiety

    I have severe major depression and agoraphobia. I am unable to leave the house. My doctor prescribed Venlafaxine, abilify , and xanax. I take one miligram of xanax three times a day and feel like i still can't leave the house. Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas on how to help the anxiety?
  • 5 days ago

    Depression and cancer

    Im coming off of prednisone and I am recovering from cancer treatment and multiple infections from cancer treatment. Im very depressed. Its hard to stop crying and though Im not suicidal I wish sometimes that I didnt survive the cancer.
  • 28 days ago

    My 21 y.o. Son is depressed & sleeps all day

    My Son is 21 y.o. and has been struggling with depression for several years. He recently withdrew from college for the second time because he is unable to wake up and get to his classes & obligations. He has been on Prestiq 50mg for a year now and I don't see any improvement. He has moved back home and my Husband & I are trying to get him counseling & medication management, which he is agreeable to, but nothing gets done because he WON'T WAKE UP! Because he is technically an "adult"....
  • 7 days ago

    why is it hard for my psychiatrist to prescribe me xanax

  • 7 days ago

    So tired

    Reaching out. Looking for online support groups for depression, ptsd possibly for female veterans but would take general support group. I'd be willing to go to a physical support group/ outreach if there wasn't a bunch of red tape. Looking to talk to someone else who has delt with facing legal matters/ financial hardships that have made them feel hopeless and helpless. Really just feeling stuck and alone.