• 5 days ago

    Floor Pisser

    What kind of person continually pees all over the floors, tp, bathrooms, locker rooms, & people's desks at work? We cannot get our employer to fire this person even though he has been caught dic in hand!


  • 4 days ago

    RE: Floor Pisser

    LOL Sorry, but now I've heard it all! Are you serious? If this is true, what reason does your employer give you that he won't fire the guy?

    At any rate, I think this is the wrong board for this post. :)
      • 4 days ago
        They won't give a reason. This is the right place to post he is ill We want to what mental illnesses cause this kind of behavior
      • 2 days ago
        Has he seen a Psychiatrist for extensive evaluation?
      • 2 days ago
        no he thinks the rest of the world is against him. he is extremely obese his weight is easily over 500# do know he is in denial he say he is healthy yet can't walk 30 feet without stopping to catch is breath
      • 2 days ago
        your first post you said you could not get your boss to fire him (or do something) - have any of you talked with the boss to find out why he is choosing to do nothing? Maybe, since the guy is in denial, his boss can give him an ultimatum - either he see's a doctor to get help or he will have to fire him. As the boss, he cannot sit idly by and do nothing. It's not fair to the rest of the employees, it's not fair to the guy in question, and it's not responsible and professional of the boss. Maybe the boss needs to be talked with - maybe he simply doesn't know what to do. I don't know, but the guy obviously needs help. Letting him behave the way he is without any consequences is wrong and is enabling that behavior. If your boss wont' do anything - find out who HIS boss is.

        Good luck
      • 1 day ago
        Our theory is that they are afraid of getting sued. The perp has been spoken to by management several times. Last week he broke 2 toilets just by sitting down busted the bowl on one the other he snapped the floor blots. I have known him for nearly 20 years. He never got his high school sweetheart and now it seems like he is eating himself to death. Drinks 12 to 20 cans of coke at work plus a couple of energy drinks. He buys the food for the e-meal it is all very unhealthy high fat, high salt & sugar. He eats 3 or 4 plates at each meal 2X daily. We work at a high end country club.