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    depression and anxiety

    I have severe major depression and agoraphobia. I am unable to leave the house. My doctor prescribed Venlafaxine, abilify , and xanax. I take one miligram of xanax three times a day and feel like i still can't leave the house. Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas on how to help the anxiety?


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    RE: depression and anxiety

    Do u have panic attacks
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    RE: depression and anxiety

    How do you get your groceries/do errands? I live in a small town that doesn't deliver anything but pizza. I am severely depressed toofor ears. I have brief periods of respite when I feel I can function, but probably 75 percent f the time I am so depressed I can barely move. It's getting worse. I have very little to no contact with other people, except cashiers,etc. and I use self-checkout when possible.
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    Hey, Anonymous –
    When panic disorder mixes with agoraphobia, it can be a really tough fight to get out the door and start moving again. I'm so sorry to hear of your struggle. Self-help materials are not any kind of magic pill, and they're not always easy to implement without support. But there are a great many self-help workbooks and some good websites to help you learn what's going on and get focused on the actions that will make a difference. You can go to my website here for a lot of free information on how to face panic: http://www.anxieties.com/6/panic