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    I've been depressed for the past 20 yrs. It comes in cycles. The most recent is the worst yet. I don't see anyway out of the hole I've fallen in. Talking to family is not an option. No one would understand. Friends are nonexsistant. I am well and truely isolated. I can go days without saying a word and no one notices. I guess I just want someone to hear me. To acknowledge me. To prove that I do exsist. It gets harder every day to get out of that bed.


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    RE: Lost

    I can totally relate. I too have been battling depression off and on for the last 7 years, but definitely suffered from it as a kid. I wish I could share some useful tips or positive outlook, but since I haven't yet gotten control of my own battle, I can't. I am, once again, at one of my lowest points. Getting out of bed everyday is a HUGE struggle. It sucks that people judge us as, you mentioned. I can relate to that too...
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    RE: Lost

    Good morning, lost!

    I'm sorry that you have been so depressed and for so long.

    I'm curious, there are 3 key modes of treatment for mental health problems that are for the most part, very effective. Not easy, and it doesn't help overnight, but crucial treatment.

    1) medication. Not everyone would need to take meds forever, but some do. And it can sometimes take trying several different meds before finding the one(s) that work best for you; which means working WITH your doctor (Psychiatrist) as opposed to just letting him/her prescribe meds without you always keeping him/her posted on how the med is doing, what side effects you are experiencing, etc. If you don't communicate with the doc, he/she will not be able to prescribe the correct meds.

    2) this one is and can be actually more crucial to your treatment and that is therapy. A good therapist is SO important to teach you how to live with your issues and to learn new behaviors and ways of thinking that will help you to grow and gain new tools to function in situations where currently you aren't able. Of course, there's SO much more to therapy, but hard to say it all in a post. But a good therapist will help you to learn to cope and give you tools and teach you how to use them so that you don't continue living the depressed life you are living.

    Like I said and I'm sure you know, it doesn't take a lot of work and you have to be willing to do the work or therapy won't do a think for you.

    3) self care is the third one, which is an overall sense - for example, taking care of yourself by taking your meds regularly, going to therapy as scheduled, doing the work in therapy, making sure you take care of yourself physically, and take care of yourself by not putting yourself in situations where you know are going to bring you down and not up.

    THis is not a perfection thing, but something you strive for in your daily life because as you take care of yourself body, soul, heart, emotionally, mentally, nutritionally, you will begin to feel better overall.

    If, by chance, you are already taking meds and in therapy, then you need to talk with your psychiatrist and let him/her know that the meds are not working so that he/she can make some changes to them. No sense in taking medication if it doesn't help.

    I would go to your primary care doctor and ask for a referral to a Psychiatrist (unless you don't need a referral with your insurance) and go for a proper diagnosis and he/she will likely put you on meds either that day or a following appointment. But you need to seek help from the kinds of professionals who can help you.

    Take even baby steps toward recovery and get treatment and it WILL get better!

    Despair is the opposite of hope, and you are in despair right now, so start moving in the direction of hope! Hope will not let you down!

    "When I'm afraid and feel alone, the voice of hope whispers inside and tells me that everything will be Ok because hope is not frightened by fear."

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    RE: Lost

    I too have been feeling lost and people don't really understand unless they too are depressed. I'm working on getting and feeling better.
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        I appreciate the replies. I know I'm not alone in how I feel. And that someone actually hears me.
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    RE: Lost

    I recently went through the not wanting to get out of bed thing. I actually forced myself to get out of bed by setting an alarm clock and getting up as soon as it went off. It is very important to get up, get dressed, and go outside. Even if it is just to go get a cup of coffee at a nearby McDonalds everyday (or tea, or whatever you drink). Go to a park and sit on a bench, watch children play. Go to a discount store just to see what they have, you don't have to buy anything. Just very small things like that can really help. Going outside everyday even for ten minutes to walk around will make you feel connected in some way. By going out everyday, you may even make some acquaintances.