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    Daughter has panic attacks every night over homework

    My daughter has been having panic attacks over homework since she was 5. Sometimes they will go on for over an hour, and she rarely gets anything done. She was eventually diagnosed with dyscalculia, panic disorder, and GAD. She saw a psychologist for a couple years and the psychologist felt that putting my daughter through a panic attack every night was not fair to her. Now my daughter is in 7th grade and her teachers are giving her D's because her homework isn't completed. My daughter has already voiced (many times, since she was 7 or 8) wanting to die/kill herself because the stress of school is so overwhelming for her. I don't know what I can do for her as she is too young for meds and felt that her previous therapy was completely unhelpful, which it was. The only way it helped her was by getting a Psychologist to talk to the school and help with her IEP. Her overall anxiety never decreased or was helped by the therapy. I don't know what to do or how I can help her but her current level of stress is unacceptable and the school doesn't seem to care.


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    RE: Daughter has panic attacks every night over homework

    I'm a 74 year old woman, I'm telling you this because I have had problems for decades and only recently come to realize (through some events with a naturopathic doctor, a gastroenterologist, and some events preparing for a test) that there is a solution for me. This may not be your daughters problem, but I thought you should at least look at the possibility. (I'm just a lay person who finally has a solution.) Respond to me if you'd like to message me and talk further.
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    If your daughter has been legitimately diagnosed with these disorders, The state is required to accommodate. I would do some case research and see if you have a legit case. If so, litigation might be an option .
    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – This law requires that a free public education be made available to children and youth with disabilities. It also requires that the education be designed to meet their unique educational needs.
    Feel free to respond with any questions. I'm well read in the legal field. I would recommend a consultation with a lawyer. Just the threat of legal action can sometimes scare a school into compliance.