• I'm being followed by a large group of people

    I recently noticed that I am being followed by a group of people. I don't know why. Some are neighbors. Every where I go they are there as well. I'm followed on the streets when driving. Large groups of cars driving in well coordinated patterns. I cant escape from them. I go to stores, the hospital or the airport and they are there. I have made notes of their lic plates, cars and drivers and they always match. They have gotten into my phone, my car, computer and even took control of my modem keeping me offline. The all seem to have the same black cell phone and press a button whenever they pass by. They have been able to disable and even damage my cell phones so they no longer work. They can scramble my gps and keep me driving in circles. They seem to have the ability to transmit voice from fans, my a/c and microwave oven. They never make eye contact always looking the other way. They are both young and old including some children. Today a boy was walking his dog and as I passed by he took out his black phone and pressed a button but did not call or text anyone. But now I feel its getting worse. One of them today swerved her car at me several times on the freeway. I'm afraid that something may happen to me but it will be portrayed as an accident or maybe a suicide. I tried talking to my oldest friend, the one person I thought would at least listen to me and I could hear it in his voice...he thinks I'm crazy. I'm not crazy!!! I know what I have seen is real. But I am so tired. I cant continue this on my own. I have agreed to see a doctor. Why a doctor is all I keep thinking. Why not the police. I have lic plate numbers, car descriptions and can even describe about ten or more of the people involved. They show up at places separated by 18 miles. Oh that's right its because this event sounds"crazy"that actual facts don't apply. I dont know what else to do. I just want my old life back.


  • 30 days ago

    RE: I'm being followed by a large group of people

    One day I felt like that, the world was caving in on me and at the time living with my mom who does not believe much about psychological issues so she never took notice of me and one day everything became too much and I thought is was being followed, looked at strangely, I even received a call at work and it was someone who never even knew where I worked and I could hear people laughing in the backround, every call I got I heared people laughing in the backround, so I took my bag, left work and went straight to the police station to speak to someone about this - there was a point when I even felt my car slow down and felt like devices had been installed, I was so full of fear and at the time was son was about a year - so I kept on trying to act ok because people around me would not believe me - in the end, I admitted myself to a psychiatric ward and stayed there for a full month. I feel you, I cannot explain what happened years ago to me, but I know it happened. For example, I went to a furniture shop with someone, accompanying them to see "mike", I will call him mike. During that crazy unexplainable period of events, can you believe that I received a call from this "mike" and I asked him from where he was calling from, and he told me the name of the store we went to - amongst those calls people called me and I could hear that the questions being asked to me, are not normal...these things took place and I thought I was stable then, that's why I remember them to this day. The only explanation I could come up with which was logical is, I was having a nervous breakdown. I wish I had an answer for you except that maybe you have messed around with the wrong people and they may be out to get you to make your life miserable but now you also are involving kids - I think you need to take time to relax and remember the mind can only take so much so maybe you are seeing things...whatever they may be, like my situation - I could not explain but I ran straight to the medical ward because I was scaring and worrying the people around me so before you do that some more, confide in more people, go see a professional, they will listen, not judge and not even try and analyze your situation by making you think you are paranoid, there are just some things we are unable to explain but thanks for sharing and I hope all will be well and find peace in prayer - I find that have a spiritual fulfillment in life as we grow older it benefits us, in order to stay sane, apart from meds.
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    RE: I'm being followed by a large group of people

    I believe you & went through something like this myself a few years back. It's called gangstalking, you should look it up...well if you can. The first time somebody told me that was what was happening to me I was able to look it up and then all sudden I could never look it up again on my computer's all my computers were hacked into my phones never coming into my house all the time I ended up having to have my kids move in with her dad and I moved away and I hid for a couple years. Usually gangstalking is to make you look like you're not credible so either somebody want you to not look credible if you have to testify for something or somebody is just very angry with you and wants to ruin your life. I went to the police and the police called me schizophrenic paranoid they did nothing to help me so I had to move away my house set for six months before it went into foreclosure. I pray that you're able to find peace somehow.