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  • 5 hours ago

    Marijuana Use and Depression

    I started smoking marijuana at the age of 16. I would limit myself to only doing it once a week until I was about 17 with a few months until my 18th birthday. Around that time I started smoking daily. It wasn't until I started using daily, that I noticed I didn't feel right. I can remember the day when I came into school (high school) and almost felt like I was high..even though I wasn't. I should have stopped right then and there, but I didn't. I continued smoking at least once a....
  • 1 day ago

    Not knowing what to do anymore!

    I feel like everything is hitting me at once. I'm use to taking on a lot, but I feel like I cant anymore. Its getting to the point where I just don't want to do anything. The minute something starts to bother me my body just shuts down. I feel sick constantly. I know that this probably doesn't make sense to anyone but its just how I feel.
  • 1 day ago

    I feel like I'm alone

    No matter how many people are around me I still feel so alone. No one knows how I feel inside, how hard it is to fake my happiness.
  • 1 day ago


    I've been depressed for the past 20 yrs. It comes in cycles. The most recent is the worst yet. I don't see anyway out of the hole I've fallen in. Talking to family is not an option. No one would understand. Friends are nonexsistant. I am well and truely isolated. I can go days without saying a word and no one notices. I guess I just want someone to hear me. To acknowledge me. To prove that I do exsist. It gets harder every day to get out of that bed.
  • 1 day ago

    Mental Illness & Violence

    I lived near Chicago for many years as my stepfather's family had a history of addiction & with my bipolar it made it worse as males were becoming violent toward women. Not wanting the illicit drugs & active alcoholism around was the biggest reason knowing it would become dangerous for me to live around the amount of addiction that I did. Addiction, Mental Illness & Violence are a deadly combination no matter what as it affects & destroys families in many ways as that's why....
  • 2 days ago

    Living with Ptsd , bipolar disorder , and Gad

    I have been this way most of my life. I don't even really like to go outside most days but I make myself. My home is my comfort zone where feel safe since I'm always scared something bad will happen to me or with my health. I have a difficult time being around or in crowds. I become shakey , nervous , my heart beats so fast and my first thought is I just want to run. My behavior and thoughts change constantly which a lot of times I don't understand why Im thinking or feeling this way....
  • 2 days ago

    I need support for my depression, ptsd and anxietyi

    I need someone to talk to no one is visiting and i am all alone
  • The real problem the one nobody talks about if your suffering from PTSD, Addiction, Severe Abuse physical or sexual I have been there please read this.

    My name is James and i have suffered from mental illness since i was 7. I grew up in a very abusive and horrible environment with no supervision no parents around and nobody to protect me. Im writing this because i know how many people are out there suffering right now. whether your addicted to pills or dope or just sex. or Maybe all 3 and then some. Let me tell you about me i have suffered abuse for decades that is hard for most people to fathom. I started doing drugs at a very young age and by....
  • 3 days ago

    Distracted and Impulsive Seeing a doctor soon need advice

    Im a 24 year old man. Married almost a year to my beautiful wife. No kids. She brought to my attention recently that I am distracted. Im constantly losing my keys or leaving my wallet or lunch or phone at home. I didnt think much of it. Then I realized when Im home some times she will say "pay attention to me" which got me thinking. I just recently took a new job. Its my 13th job since I started working at 18. She supported me as always but Im good at convincing her and our families its....
  • 3 days ago

    Does anyone else feel this way?

    I feel like scared that nothing will work out, everything could go bad, I own a company and feel like its never going to do well even though it does. I don't want to get up, I don't want to work, its irrational fears and I know it but cant change it. I feel all alone and all by myself because it seems the whole world is revolving and I am an outsider looking in, I want to be part of it. Things I love just seem to not matter anymore and I don't know what to do. How can I convey this to....