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  • 1 month ago

    Crisis Situations -- Please Read

    If you are in crisis and need help, please be sure to contact a crisis line ( ) , call 911, or your doctor or therapist. This message board is not moderated 24/7. There may be delays in others reading or responding, especially on the weekends. While you can find wonderful support here, it may not be immediate. To all of our members, if you see a crisis post which needs our attention, use the Report This option beneath the post. Thank you.
  • to bella106

    I also had shingles, twenty years ago. It was on the front left quarter of my head/face. I still have bouts of pain and live in fear of a return there or another place on my body. Yes, it can return. my husband had it twice around the trunk of his body. There is nothing to compare to the electric pain of shingles. what I can say is talk to your doctor about antidepressants, they can help with the pain and stress of this terrible, life changing condition!
  • 1 day ago

    after effects of shingles

    My wife had shingles a few years ago. still has burning around waist! will this ever go away????????????
  • 1 day ago

    Friend might have SZA

    It's recently become evident that my friend might have schizoaffective disorder (based on research on his symptoms). He seems to have delusions of grandeur (people want to use his work and he'd become a celebrity but he declined them). There is no evidence of any of the things I think are delusions. He also believes the government and organised crime were constantly watching him, and had ill intentions (he moved to a different city, so this subsided somewhat recently). He seems to also be....
  • 1 day ago

    Something's wrong...

    Hello, I am an early teen and I feel like I might have a social problem. Maybe I'm overreacting and it's normal for a teenager to have this or it's natural to be socially awkward, but I feel VERY uncomfortable in any spotlight. I am home-schooled and I have testing at public school sites a few times every year. This causes me to become extremely anxious and I usually stay up about an hour the night before at bedtime thinking about what horrors could happen (like a lock-down or school....
  • 1 day ago

    Living with Ptsd , bipolar disorder , and Gad

    I have been this way most of my life. I don't even really like to go outside most days but I make myself. My home is my comfort zone where feel safe since I'm always scared something bad will happen to me or with my health. I have a difficult time being around or in crowds. I become shakey , nervous , my heart beats so fast and my first thought is I just want to run. My behavior and thoughts change constantly which a lot of times I don't understand why Im thinking or feeling this way....
  • 1 day ago

    Unable to speak.

    Hi, I'm here because I want to know if anyone has experienced anything similar. A day a week/fortnight (hard to say) I find myself suddenly unable to speak. Like the energy has drained from my jaw, my tongue, my lips... People around me are frustrated, because I can't respond to them. It doesn't seem to be in conjunction with any other symptoms or situations, it just happens suddenly... Out of the blue... Unable to verbalise, even a sqeak. If I am pushed however, enough to become irritated....
  • 1 day ago

    Struggling with mania

    I'm really struggling. I was diagnosed with bipolar last October. I was instatutionalized for 4 days. In the past 3 months I've experienced mania everyday. Paranoia, anxiety, phobias, and racing thoughts that don't stop no matter what I do. I feel like I'm insaine! I have scary feelings and thoughts about myself. I'm in recovery and have Ben clean over 3 years. When I was using I never felt like this. I'm at a point right now that I want to go back to the drugs to quite my....
  • I told my parents with a letter describing what's going on. They've done nothing. What do I do?

    My family has a lot of kids. 7 that is. And my life always seems to be super busy. A year or so ago I realized that I had no emotions. I couldn't feel. And I still can't. I can't make memories anymore. How am I supposed to remember them if they made me feel nothing? I decided to write in a letter to my parents that I needed them to help me. Other times that I told my mom all she said was "your too pretty too smart too loved to be feeling that way" and that honestly made me feel....
  • 2 days ago

    Just discovered the dangers of using Benzodiazepines

    For as long as i can remember I've suffered from sever anxiety and have had a couple of anxiety attacks. The disorder controlled my life, it held me back from my dreams, career choices and relationships. I avoided certain people (usually those in authority), and found it safest to avoid any situation which would bring on an attack. A psychiatrist prescribed Rivotril (I think it is referred to as Clonazepam as well) - 0.5mg twice daily. My life changed dramatically, i had finally become the person....