• 25 days ago

    Could this have to do with autoimmune?

    Reaching out to anyone with autoimmune kiddos out there. My 14 y.o. daughter has had some markers for autoimmune show up in her bloodwork twice in the past year and is just being monitored periodically by our rheumy at this point. ( I am diagnosed with lupus). She had a bizarre episode Wednesday night that took us to the ER and was admitted but they didn't find anything. She was cheering at football game Wednesday, just fine one minute, then suddenly was in intense abdominal pain, in the center of her stomach. We went to leave, and she could barely walk, was doubled over. I sat her down to get the car and within less than the minute it took me to get back to her she had vomited and become extremely lethargic. She said everything went blurry, she was very unaware of her surroundings, and really dizzy. I put her in the car and she was in and out of being awake (passed out?!) Drove to the ER, they did bloodwork, blood pressure pretty low, iv with fluids to hydrate, her pain levels went down within an hour significantly. No fever, did an ultrasound on her ovaries and appendix which showed a minimally enlarged appendix. They monitored her over night, and as nothing really showed up and pain went down to a 1-3 by yesterday afternoon and she pepped back up, they released her. Other than 2 bloodynoses in the last 24 hours, that's it! Following up with pediatrician this afternoon. Do I also check in with rheumatologist? New to this with her. No idea if this has anything to do with autoimmune and I know a lot of doctors never correlate anything to that. Sorry for the novel, just concerned. Thank you for any thoughts on this.