• 1 month ago

    Possible Kidney Disease?

    So I went for a physical about a month ago and my blood work came back that my creatinine levels were a 1.22 which is only slightly over the highest normal level. My kidney function was only about 65%. I was sent to a Nephrologist who, after asking a ton of questions, assumes that my levels may have only been high because I had to fast for 12 hours prior to going in for blood work. He sent me to a radiologist to do an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. The Radiologist informed me that my renal cortex is only about half the width it should be and that there are fatty tissues in my kidneys but my blood flow is good with no obstructions. I am a 32 year old female. I do not have diabetes, I have not had kidney diseases in the past, I have never had an over abundance of UTIs (actually I can only think of one time ever), I am not overweight, I do not take (nor have I ever taken) NSAIDS on a regular basis. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be going on? I have had 1 surgery per year since 2013 and I am trying to avoid having any more if I can help it. Any insight is appreciated.


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    RE: Possible Kidney Disease?

    These are questions for a nephrologist, not the general public. You should be monitored by a nephrologist for a year or more, doing blood tests to check the Renal Panel (creatinine, BUN, etc.) every 4 months. Kidney function (capacity) should be tested with a 24 hour urine collection. The nephrologist should be your coach. If not, find another, perhaps at a teaching hospital associated with a good university.
      • 16 days ago
        I was scheduled to see a nephrologist but it was a month wait. I was in search of others who maybe had experienced something similar. After all the surgeries I have had, I think I was being paranoid that one more thing was happening. Thanks for your response.
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    RE: Possible Kidney Disease?

    I was told that I have CKD about 4 years ago due to low GFR on my blood tests. Other doctors say I am dehydrated, and if I would drink water more that my numbers would come back up. I have not followed up. I am due for blood work this week to see how my numbers are. I have trouble drinking a lot of water. I know I drink ton of coffee, and it dehydrates me. I am Diabetic, but never thirsty like most diabetics. I also had my Parathyroid checked, and the doctor thinks my kidney issue is from the Parathyroid. ITs just a simple blood test to check if you are normal range. My PTH and my Phosphorous level is off.
      • 16 days ago
        I was told to drink more water to improve what my blood tests had shown. I hate drinking water because it makes me feel bloated but in an attempt to reverse a possible serious condition, I forced myself to. My creatinine level went from 1.22 to 1.08 in 2 months and all I changed was drinking water. I only drank 32oz a day and I did it in small intervals (4oz at a time) it was easier for me that way.
      • 15 days ago
        I am actually trying to drink a lot of water today and tomorrow, because my blood work is being done on Tues. morning. You have to wonder sometimes about diagnosis, but they did say I have kidney disease. If you get copies of your blood work, I would be interested in your GFR. That is great that your levels are getting better. My GFR which is done routinely now in blood work is 40, and I should be over 60. My husband drinks water and sugarfree Ice Tea constantly, and his GFR is up over 70, and his Cholesterol etc. has been so good. I am like you with the water, but we have to try if it works. Have a Nice Day.