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  • 6 days ago

    Is it possible?

    My gf and I (we have been together for 9 months) were watching this movie about HIV. After seeing the movie I had flu like symptoms and I stated freaking out. What if I have this thing!! So I purchased oraquick and we both took the test and it came negative. We have been having unprotected sex for the past 2 months. Now I'm still freaking out and I have tingling feeling in my left hand( very minimal , is it related to anxiety?) is the oraquick test reliable? Should test again? I tested at 5 weeks....
  • 9 days ago

    HIV risk from faucet to soda can to mouth?

    Hi! I recently got a job as an administrative support in a clinical laboratory. We'll one time, I really got thirsty that I decided to buy a soda in can from the convenience store. I then went back to the laboratory and washed the can in a faucet inside the toilet, opened it with my hands and just drank it. I however realized that the faucet could have been used by the laboratory scientists in washing their hands after handling blood. What if someone just worked with blood who could be HIV+ and....
  • 10 days ago

    Critically Ill

    Hi , My mother-in-law has been suffering with Type II HIV for last 5 years and now is in very critical stage. Her creatinine and blood urea levels are very high and doctors say there is severe congestion in lungs that needs to be treated immediately. However she cannot swallow anything including medicines and hence we are running out of options on how to clear her lungs so that she can fight back Are there any options to clear out her lungs without any operations Thanks and Regards Dishearted
  • 14 days ago

    Worried about irrational toughs

    18 days back had condom protected intercourse with known lady and no evidence condom slippage or broken, it was fully covered head of penis. Because of so much Anxiety and I request her to test and she had taken Tridot test and it was Negative on 12 days. Have taken same test on 21 days after and it was negative however I didn’t see the syringe while drawing blood. Now one more worry that, is it possible reuse syringe while drawing blood and get blood borne infections Still I am so much worried.....
  • 14 days ago

    HIV Risk?

    In late September of 2016 a girl who's hiv status I do not know performed oral sex on me and she swallowed. I am concerned about possibly contracting hiv from this exposure. I had been masturbating a lot before then so I am worried about possible chaffing on my penis being present during the oral sex. I don't recall becoming seriously ill in the days or weeks falling this event. a few weeks after this event I had blood in my semen one time, and I have not had blood in my semen since. In late....
  • 14 days ago

    Are we at risk?

    I'll try to make it short. My gf of over a year just moved in with me about 3months ago and she started using the pill and wanted to have sex without a condom, so we did. a while later we went on a trip and after we came back I got sick( sore throat,nausea I believe because of anaxity, I vomited one time) also, she had a sore throat and fatigue about 3 days after me getting sick. So I freaked out and asked her if she had tested for hiv and she said she doesn't have any kind of stds, so I....
  • 18 days ago

    Will prednisone effect an oraquick at home test

    I have recently taken the oraquick at home test the one where you swab your gums. I was on prednisone at the time I took it. It has been almost 2 years since exposure. Can the prednisone effect the test ?
  • 20 days ago

    Unprotected oral sex worry

    Hello, I (male) recently had oral sex with a man who claimed to be HIV- but my anxiety is making me think otherwise. I was the penetrative partner and he performed fellatio on me. My questions: Should I be worried about a possible HIV infection? My local clinic said not to worry unless there was a lot of blood coming out of his mouth and a cut with blood coming out on my penis. However online I read that it can be transmitted through the urethra and with a small amount of blood? I was also wondering....
  • 23 days ago

    Am I just being paranoid

    Hello so this may sound crazy but four years ago my gf falsely accused me of rape as a way to get back at me for cheating on her. I never raped her and she is slandering my name around town She knows where I live because she found out from a person who knows my roommates. Anyways long story short, she knows I have a phobia with hiv and syringes and she used to do heroine after we broke up not while we were together. She knows about my fear of people poking me with needles to give me hiv. I heard....
  • 24 days ago

    I am sure I am infected.

    Dear doctor,I had protected sex with a female csw 27 months ago and condom remained intact till the end.Later I knew that she was positive.I have had all classic ars from 5 th week like 4 swollen lymph nodes in neck,muscle pain,nausea,loose stool,white tongue,dizziness etc.At present I am suffering from ,clubbing nail,swollen lymph nodes, peripheral neuropathy burning in feet comes and go,loose stool,recurrent painless ulcer in mouth,white tongue,extreme diziness due to consistent low blood pressure....