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    Gail please help

    Gail this is Somen from Bangladesh.I had protected sex with a female csw 3 years and condom remained intact till the end.Later I knew that she was positive.I have had all classic ars from 5 th week like 4 swollen lymph nodes in neck and under the jaw,muscle pain,nausea,loose stool,white tongue,dizziness etc.At present I am suffering from ,clubbing nail,swollen lymph nodes, sometimes peripheral neuropathy burning in feet comes and go and numbness in right hand,loose stoolRecently I have lost 3 kg weight..I have tested negative after 91 days with rapid test,152 days with 3rd generation elisa and 194 days with rapid test(.All of the tests were only antibody test not duo .I have also tested negative for vdrl,hepb and hep c.All of the tests were antibody test not duo. Now all of my symptoms are pointing towards HIV.I have heard there was a record of seronegative infection.II am very scared because of the weight loss which is a aids defining illness.have you seen any patient with so many symptoms but negative?


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    RE: Gail please help

    Gail,don't know what to do.I have nobody talk to whom.
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    RE: Gail please help

    You have got to be kidding me? Are you seriously back? How many times are you going to ask the same question and recieve the same answer? The answer is no, Somen. N-O. You tested negative. Your problems now in life have nothing to do with the protected sex you had with a sex worker 3 years ago. Let me repeat....Three...Years...Ago...If you were GOING to test positive, you would have a long time ago.

    Now, I know what you're going to ask..but are you sure I really don't have HIV/AIDS? Are you sure? Your question has been answered multiple times BY multiple people. Please accept it and move on because at this point your posts ARE spam. And others like me on this board who are done enabling this behavior will report ur posts as spam from this point forward .