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  • 6 months ago

    Get The Facts on HIV Transmission

    Hi everyone! There are many posts on our message boards from those with questions about how HIV is transmitted who are worried if they've contracted the virus. When you think you may have been exposed to HIV, it can be a really scary thing to experience. It's important to know that HIV is not spread easily and can only be done so through the exchange of certain bodily fluids from an infected person. There is tons of information out there on how HIV is transmitted, and sometimes it can be....
  • 12 hours ago

    HIV exposure ?

    Hi, I have recently had a sexual encounter at a club and I am super anxious of whether I have had HIV exposure. I have given a blowjob ( with a condom on to a guy . There was no ejaculation. I have made accidental contact between my anus and his penis (still with a condom) when I was rubbing on him and it happened. I got waxed just an hour before and there was bleeding, does this put me in danger. Please help. I am going nuts with anxiety. Cindy
  • 1 day ago

    PEP question

    This is Somen from Bangladesh.Today I have protected oral and protected vaginal sex with a prostitute.The sex lasts maximum 1 miute and condom remained intact.NOw I am scared.Should I take PEP?It is very expensive and it is not available everywhere in the country I live.Is it high risk?
  • 7 days ago

    hiv aids fear

    hello sir plz reply to me i had an encounter with a sex worker on 10 june 2017 we did not have intercourse at all we kissed and she sucked the penis for 10 to 15 seconds but she had a small mouth uclar or sore i am not sure it bleed or not...... i am in fear hiv could be transmitted or not i am having sleepless nights.....on 21 june i went to a lab with that girl and did her dna hiv 1 pcr and western blot hiv 1 and hiv 2 and rapid tests for her they all were neagative.....on 1 july that after 21....
  • Oraquick accuracy in my situation

    I am a male and I had a one night stand with another male 142 days ago. I used condoms when we had sex except I was teasing him for a bit after our first round and he unexpectedly sat on my penis so there was insertion for a few seconds before I pushed him off. Three to four days after that I got sick with what I thought was strep throat. I have read thats to early for ARS but i'm not for sure on that. It passed after a few days, but my tonsils swelled up very large and stayed that way. I went....
  • 10 days ago

    Is this an STD

    I was with a prostitute and received a unprotected feletio, we also kissed. I used a condom for intercourse. The condom did not break. Prior I had taken a viagra that was made in another country. Two hours after being with this woman I had a sore throat but that went away after 24 hours. However after three hours from seeing her I had diarrhea which I still have. I am able to eat and hold my food until morning when I go to bathroom. Could this be an std? Or something else. Thank you
  • 10 days ago

    Scared so much

    Hi guys, i am a bi male, early 20's. . I would like to ask you guys about the incident of my recent exposure. Dec. 2016, i got involved in a oral sex with saudi man of unknown hiv status. . It followed by february 2017. . I notice at the time of oral sex that i have a open mouth sore at my lower lip which is not actually bleeding. After 2 weeks, ive decided to take elisa agb, and a negative result came. . April 2017 i got involved to very deep kissing with a man with unknown hiv status. I know....
  • 10 days ago

    HIV or sinus infection?

    About 6 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a man I vaguely knew (I am a woman) and he insisted he was disease free . About 2 days ago I started having a stuffy nose with green snot , and its worrying me that I may have caught HIV. I have had no other symptoms. Is it possible I am over-thinking my situation?
  • 17 days ago


    Hi is it true that arv's are to be taken on an empty stomach to prevent more side effects?
  • 19 days ago

    I am going insane

    Hi,I had protected sex with a female csw 2 years and 8 months ago and condom remained intact till the end.Later I knew that she was positive.I have had all classic ars from 5 th week like 4 swollen lymph nodes in neck,muscle pain,nausea,loose stool,white tongue,dizziness etc.At present I am suffering from ,clubbing nail,swollen lymph nodes, peripheral neuropathy burning in feet comes and go and numbness in right hand,loose stool,recurrent painless ulcer in mouth,white tongue.I have tested negative....