• 16 days ago

    Need to raise HDL

    Male, 54, 5'7", 145 lbs, great health. Resting pulse around 60. I exercise vigorously, eat a high fiber, low fat diet, and have no known medical conditions. I don't drink, smoke, or take any drugs or medications, with the exception of occasional headache medicine, or very occasional laxative, and such. My colonoscopy at age 50 was clean. My LDL is in a good range, but doctor says I need to raise my HDL, and that I should do aerobic exercise to do so, which is a joke, because I exercise vigorously, including chopping wood. I have recently increased some good fats in my diet, like adding peanut butter, flax seeds, 2 eggs a day, and nuts. I don't eat meat every day--just some days, because I enjoy my low fat, high fiber diet.

    Should I be concerned? Any advice? I'm not going to start drinking olive oil.