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  • 1 hour ago

    weakening of hart out put

    I am 55 years old and have a hart that is getting weaker each year and I was recently told to sign up for a possibility of a transplant, If my hart dose not respond to Meds. I have a family history of hart disease, I have been a vegetarian for 3 months and am looking for the best ways to avoid a transplant through diet. Can anyone give me advice that will help.
  • 1 hour ago

    ICD Battery Zero - Will it have any adverse impact?

    I had an ICD for last 10 years following MI and low ejection fraction-30%. It was installed as a precaution. Even though my EP report was negative. It never fired in last 10 years. My ejection fraction has since improved above 40% and I am doing very well. Now the battery life is approaching zero. I do not want to get the ICD replaced. Will I have any problem letting the ICD remain installed with battery fully discharged?
  • 15 hours ago

    36 yr. old undetermined death

    My mom was 36 when she passed away. She drank excessively over a 10 year period with 1-3 years sobriety in between. She also used speed for a couple of years when she was young but alcohol was her main drug of choice. She ended up having over 6 years of sobriety right up until the day before her death. She went to sleep that night and never woke up. She was found with a small amount of blood that trickled out of the side of her mouth at some point in time during that night. The blood was very light....
  • 18 hours ago

    Afib questions

    I have afib and would like to know if it's okay to take up to four 500 mg of Tylenol A day when needed?
  • 1 day ago

    High Blood pressure

    I'm am a 22 year old female and I have high blood pressure. Today I checked my blood pressure it was 155/89 and then I checked it again on my other arm it was 140/80. I don't know whats going on and I have anxiety and depression.
  • 3 days ago

    Strong Magnet near heart

    Hello, I currently work for an employer that requires us to where a strong magnet on our chest area to hold some equipment. I'm concerned that this practice might be damaging my heart for the long run. I've been wearing this magnet for approximately 8 hours a day for the last 2 years. I attempted to research this question online, but don't get a straight answer. Does anyone know if a strong magnet that is placed on your chest for long periods of time can cause some type of cardiovascular....
  • 3 days ago

    Blood pressure dropping very low 90/60

    Female 50 yrs old diagnosed with CAD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic low potassium and low vitamin D. Received a stent in LAD 2 years ago. Recent stress test was good. Suddenly experiencing drops in blood pressure (90/60), normally Blood pressure runs 110/80. Also experiencing dizziness, extreme fatigue, swelling in hands and legs, and had developed a dry cough when laying down. No medication has changed, just wondering why my BP drops so low.
  • cut healing

    I have a cut on my shin that is healing strangely. The cut is healed over but the center part of the skin where the cut was is black and the surrounding skin is dark red. Is this due to low oxygen levels? Should I be concerned?
  • 4 days ago

    Black spots on heart

    Last week an EKG revealed a severe left atrial abnormality. Today, I had an echocardiogram and the tech informed me I have several black spots on my heart. My mother died 4 weeks ago immediately following a heart cath that revealed 3 blockages. Should I be concerned? What do the dark spots mean? Thanks!
  • 6 days ago

    Do I have heart disease

    I'm almost positive I have heart disease should I see a doctor? A little background; I just turned 15 and I weigh 103 pounds (yeah I know), I eat relatively healthy, exercise normally, the usual, but ever since about like, May 2016 I started getting these heart palpitations, I've told my mom about them, (I have bad anxiety by the way), she said it was anxiety, and like 3 months later I started getting a tight chest feeling, and after that I told her I must see a doctor, she said shes getting....