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  • Could this be fibromyalgia?

    Hi there! I have had these weird symptoms for the last really 8 years. Tingling. Numbness. Joint pain. Weakness. Headaches. Most of the pain is on my left side. It is very infrequent. Like very 6 months...but has gotten worse I feel in the last 2 years. I have seen doctors for it. They have thought MS-- I have gotten 3 MRI's that have said that is not the case. It really for the most part doesnt interfere with most of my life...but it is getting today...and now a new symptom is fatigue....
  • fibromyalgia and drug sensitivity

    Wondering if anyone has noticed sensitivity to certain drugs? Have had severe reactions to omeprazole, ranitidine, and wellbutrin - muscle burning and weakness - and wondering if there's a connection to fibromyalgia?
  • 5 days ago

    Arteriovenous cause?

    I've seen a few posts about "new research" that indicates that fibromyalgia is caused by av connections (shunting) Not sure if the research mentioned is reputable. Any ideas, news or opintions?
  • 6 months ago

    New fibro treatment?

    I was wondering if anyone else has tried Fit Sticks for their fibro and if it works for them? I started using September 1st and I have darn near zero fibro pain now! They are loaded with vitamins and garcinia something. I can't remember that name! Thank you fibro fog! My typical days before taking this was spent in unbelievable pain and burning all over. It felt like all the pain nerves in my back was radiating a burning pain all over my body. We have all tried the diff meds they but us on that....
  • 13 days ago

    Re: Tapering off Dilaudid

    Need advice. My doctor retired and didn't tell me so I could plan ahead. His treatment plan worked for the Fibro and Interstitial Cystitis but his partner took over his cases and his treatment plan is not the same. This new doctor cut the Dilaudid down to 4 mg a day from 8 mg 4 times a day and I missed work because of it. I have been reading online that a doctor should taper it and I want to know if this is true and do I have a case for legal action against both doctors?
  • 27 days ago

    Fibromyalgia help

    The thing that worked the most for me was increasing my serotonin level. This is done by taking anti-depressants like Prozac or it's equivalent, and exercise. Moist heat like hot showers and stretching helps too.
  • 1 month ago

    Appetite loss with weight gain

    I was diagnosed with FM in 2004. A few years later, along with other symptoms, I began to mysteriously gain weight even though I was doing nothing different. For the last few years I've lost my appetite. I'm never hungry, don't eat much, but I don't lose weight. I even continue to gradually gain. I take Klonopin and Tramadol for the FM and have for several years. Anyone else have a similar situation? Any suggestions about what to do?
  • 1 month ago

    Dry needling for fibromyalgia

    I am wondering if anybody with fibromyalgia has experience with the dry needling treatment. My doctor uses acupuncture needles, and inserts them into trigger points, then moves the needle around. It is painful momentarily, but I seem to have had quite a bit of success after 3 treatments. I have concurrently been going to physical therapy to treat general neck pain, and shoulder/scapula pain (both sides) along with a rotator cuff injury. We don't know how much of my issue is due to neck arthritis....
  • 7 months ago

    Newly diagnosed & need support

    I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I have to say...I've been in for the fight of my life. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning is too much for me. I've really been getting quite depressed. My husband just doesn't understand and my children view me a nuisance saying things like, "Mom, you just don't WANT to come to our games." My husband even went as far as to ask my kids if all I do is sit on my butt all day long. All I want are people who understand me....
  • 26 days ago

    severe pain in shoulders especially right one neck and upper back pain generating from the neck and disability in walking getting worse had total hip replacement 7 yrs ago, because of fracture in the ball...before the hip replacement...I have gone to pain.

    I had hip replacement 7 yrs ago.. before that I was full of energy working on farm and doing all my chores. never complained never hurt...whats up? now neck, shoulders, lower back aching legs and arms and numbing fingers and toes aching all over, just am good for nothing, depression because I cant walk periods of time, cant squat and get up on my own, cant reach up or turn neck without sharp pains catching my never been sick or am not a complainer but can ya help diagnosis on what the heck....