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    For the past 3 to 4 years I have been living with chronic headaches, chronic migraines, chronic vertigo, chronic sinusitis, chronic adenoid infections, and chronic neck pain. Recently over the past 4-5 months my neck pain and headaches have gotten so bad that I am taking my migraine prescription meds almost every other day because I am worried about getting a migraine. I have had to give up going to friends birthday parties, my school prom, my orchestra festival, my orchestra concert and performances. I have also had to give up my acceptance into a 4 year college because it terrifies me to be alone with all this pain and have no support system. I wanted to be a paramedic firefighter but I cant because of all the pain I am in. I am a teen girl , why is this happening. I also want to add that I have been through 2 rounds of physical theropy and have had no luck. I have had numerous mri, ct scanes, blood stests, vestibular tests, and more. Nothing comes up on any of them. I am seeing my nurologist next week to talk about my neck and headache pain increase. DOES ANYONE THINK THEY HAVE ANY IDEAS AS WHAT I COULD HAVE?


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Help ME Get Diagnosed

    Can't diagnose you, but have you tried a good chiropractor? May have a neck bone out of place? When I got vertigo- mine was a lifesaver!
      • I went to a chiropractor for about two months but my neck and headaches got worse. I had an mri of my spine and everything was in place. I should look into getting a chiropractor again.