• 8 months ago

    New fibro treatment?

    I was wondering if anyone else has tried Fit Sticks for their fibro and if it works for them? I started using September 1st and I have darn near zero fibro pain now! They are loaded with vitamins and garcinia something. I can't remember that name! Thank you fibro fog! My typical days before taking this was spent in unbelievable pain and burning all over. It felt like all the pain nerves in my back was radiating a burning pain all over my body. We have all tried the diff meds they but us on that never work. I started feeling like a lab rat. Nothing worked. I am really leary of anything new to try, but I was offered to try it for free for 2 days. So I thought what the heck, it's free. Day one my fibro pain was lifting, day two there was no pain. I wasn't sure if my body was letting me have a reprieve or if this stuff really did work, so I bought a weeks worth, knowing if I went 3 or more days then it had to be working. Needless to say, I was in contact with the seller after day 5 and no pain, ordering a months worth. Its a powder form you mix in water and drink twice a day. I have not went a day without it since I started. Afraid to get that pain back! I was diagnosed in 93 with fibro and suffered for so many years with it. Fit sticks aren't marketed to treat fibro but someone with fibro took it and I am so glad I was told about it. It's marketed for energy and weight loss. To me, that's just a nice addition to it relieving me pain. I have been so much more active, not sure if from Fit Sticks or just from not being in pain. My hubby is thrilled lol. I've been cooking new recipes I find on Facebook. Before, he was lucky if he got pork chops and French fries for supper! Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone else takes Fit Sticks and how it has helped them.


  • 7 months ago

    RE: New fibro treatment?

    Hey Good morning,
    I think you are lucky to find something that helps so much and so quickly. I looked it up and read the ingredients, nothing seems harmful in it. I knew before I read it that caffeine would be in there, but I liked the HTP-5 and the B Vitamins and green tea.

    I am a born skeptic though. It is costly for you to take this twice day no? But how do you put a price on better..... I am so glad for you.

    Let us know how it is down the line.
    Nancy B
  • 2 months ago

    RE: New fibro treatment?

    I've never heard of Fit Sticks. What are they and where did you get them?
      • 2 months ago
        Hi, slbattin. Fitsticks are an all natural, organic beverage. Results may vary with different people but I have heard many stories of people with FM drastically eliminate pain. It comes in a convenient "to go" stick that you mix with 8-10oz of water. Drink 1-2 times daily and you'll start noticing the difference. I personally notice an increased mood and just overall more alert to my surroundings. Let me know if you are interested in some samples (US based).
      • 2 months ago
        I take SEVERAL meds multiple times daily for fibo, including morphine. I have been on this for YEARS! I would be interested in finding out more about Fitsticks. Is it expensive? I am on disability for this, so not a lot of extra $$$ to spend