• 24 days ago

    after cataract surgery issues

    back in january 17 i had right eye done. nothing really wrong with my eye other than glasses but i was getting ready to retire and the optician told me i had stage 5 cataracts. well not knowing what that was i went to opthamologist and he talked me and the wife into cataract surgery. now she need drops 2 times a day for something that she never had before, i need them in the right eye for something i never needed them before. right eye is all i had. so not the issue! the other day out of the blue i had what looked like something in my vision, kind of like you used to see in movies in the lense area. well when i blinked it moved around and now that is not there, but now when i move my eye i see flashes around the right side of the vision area and i now see something moving around in my eye that if i hold steady falls down, not spots but looks like a veil. and now i have a smll amount of pain in my eye, not sharp like a cut but dull all over. so nayone have this after cataract surgery?