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  • News: Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

    Senator John McCain had a procedure to remove a blood clot above his eye. Doctors later discovered a brain tumor associated with the blood clot, according to a statement from his office. Click here to read more:

  • I plucked my eye

    I was trying to get my contacts out after my first use, but it was really difficult and stinging my eyes, so I stupidly tried to use tweezers to get it out since my nails are too short to help... I plucked the white of my eye, and a bit of it came up, like if you were to pluck your skin. it wasn't the contact that came up though. I'm not in pain or anything and my vision has not changed, I'm just worried that plucking the white bit could cause an infection or another injury? I won't....
  • 21 hours ago

    Ambologia and Brain Recognition

    Could my daughters vision problems be affecting her fear of constantly being watched? What you need to know: 8 year old girl Has ambologia in left eye Has been patching for a year (4 hrs a day starting, now 6) Suffers from anxiety Has had 2-3 panic attacks in the last 5 months Trauma do to younger brother's passing over two and a half years ago (her best friend as well) Mother is a dog sitter, so constantly surrounded by animals Family history of anxiety My daughter feels like someone/thing is....
  • 8 days ago

    Multiple Sclerosis Multiple sclerosis is a mysterious, often frustrating disease. Who better to talk to than those who know what you're going through? Discuss the important issues and get helpful feedback from other members with multiple sclerosis.

    I have this invisible painful ailment. I am not in s wheelchair nor do I use a walker or cane. Nevertheless I suffer much from nerve pain and restless legs. My cognition if fuzzy most of the time and memory is miserable.

  • Still seeing flashes and floaters after Vitrectomy, is this because I still have vitreous traction caused by lattice degeneration?

    As the title says, I've been seeing flashes and floaters after my Vitrectomy to fix a retinal detachment. I've seen my surgeon and my optometrist after the surgery and they've told me the retinal detachment has been repaired. I did not receive an explanation as to why I had a Retinal detachment in the first place. I hope this is because they feel it is too complicated for me to understand rather than them avoiding a diagnosis. I have read that Lattice degeneration can lead to vitreous....
  • 14 days ago

    Lazy e

    Do they have an operation for an adult with lazy eye?
  • 15 days ago

    Eye dilated again 12 hours after seeing the eye doctor

    I went to the eye doctor early this morning around 9AM. Everything was fine and he dilated my eyes as usual. My eyes quickly recovered back to normal, although my eyes had been a bit irritated throughout the day and I could feel residue from the eyedrops on my lashes. It's now 10PM and after showering, I noticed my left eye becoming blurry. I looked in the mirror and my left eye is totally dilated again. Is it possible that the residue from the eye drops got into my eye while showering, causing....
  • 16 days ago

    Blurry spot in one eye after close focus

    I am a 51-year-old female with a long history of nearsightedness (SPH -7+), and in the last month when I do anything requiring close focus, like beadwork, crossword puzzles, reading, etc., I get a blurry spot in the center of my vision in the right eye only. The blurry spot has tiny horizontal wiggly lines. This resolves after about 3 hours at the most. I had a workup by my ophthalmologist, ruling out glaucoma, macular degeneration, retina issues, color blindness, high blood pressure, diabetes (A1c....
  • 18 days ago

    Need advise

    I visited ophthalmologist for regular routine eye checkup. Doctor conducted several scans and mentioned he suspects glucoma and mentioned diagnosis code in the records as " H40.013(ICD-10)-Open angle with borderline findings, low risk, bilateral". Can some one explain about the Issue?
  • 19 days ago

    AION and cataract surgery

    I have NAION in both eyes, including 2 events in my right eye. I now have cataracts that are further diminishing my sight. The Opthomalogist said they are ready when I am ready for surgery. I am concerned that the surgery could cause another episode of AION. I have read that cataract surgery could cause AION, but no where can I find if you already have AION if it could get worse after cataract surgery.