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  • Swollen tonsils for almost a month

    On August 25 I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with strep throat and given antibiotics (Augmentin). I felt better for a bit but woke up early morning on September 5 with my neck and throat swollen to the point I couldn't breathe. I went to the hospital where they tested for mono but it was negative. They admitted me and gave me steroids and antibiotics through an IV every 4 hours, they said I had tonsillitis. I was discharged the afternoon of September 6. They gave me more antibiotics (300mg....
  • 7 days ago

    Spreading sores in mouth for over a week, doctor says not infectious?

    I've had these sores/spots in my mouth for about 8 days now, starting on the top and bottom of my tongue, and then spreading to the bottom of my mouth underneath my tongue about 4 days ago, and now to the back of my mouth/throat about a day ago. Only the ones on my tongue give off a mild to moderate burn, the rest are painless. I went to a walk in clinic when I noticed it had spread to underneath my tongue about 4 days ago, and upon examination they said it didn't look infectious, and they....

  • 10 days ago

    Hearing Evaluation Results

    I had a hearing evaluation completed because I had some pressure in my ears, ringing, and intermittent hearing loss (it only happened a few times). The evaluation stated that my Audiometric and ENG testing were normal, but the results of my DPOAE test do not state what the results were in laymen terms. For my Otoacoustic Emissions (Type DPOAE) test the result was "Partial" for left ear and "Partial" for right ear. What does "Partial mean? Then the Audiologist stated in his....
  • 10 days ago

    Ringing in ears and dulled hearing after night at club

    Last night, I went to a club with a couple friends. The music was exceptionally loud, and we stayed for a few hours. When I left, I noticed that my ears were ringing and that I could not hear nearly as well. I assumed this would disappear the morning after I left the club, but when I woke up my ears were still ringing, and my hearing was still significantly dulled. Did I permanently damage my ability to hear? Will the ringing stop, and will my hearing come back?
  • 11 days ago

    Eardrum Infection; Air Leaving Ear Canal

    Afternoon WebMD just looking for some advice. A day ago when I was at the beach I dived underwater and felt what I thought was perforating my eardrum. Immense Pain & Vertigo (I couldn't walk or stand up) occurred. The Vertigo subsided but I kept feeling the pain for several hours. I went to a doctor who prescribed ibuprofin and ear drops solution to clear my ears. When I went back for a second visit he cleanser my ears with a medicinal soap solution and checked and said I hadn't perforated....
  • 12 days ago

    Fever for more than 4 days

    Hi, I had sore throat for about a week. I didn't care much thinking it would go away naturally. The nose was not runny. I was having some difficulty swallowing food and water. One evening I got fever 104°F. I experienced fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, pain behind my eyeballs and chills. I consulted a doctor. He prescribed amoxycilin(to treat the infection) and mefnol(for fever). The fever rises again as soon as the medicine loses its effect. Next day I could see some ulcers on my tongue and....

  • 17 days ago

    Painless Swollen Lymph Nodes 4 months

    In May...I was 3 months pregnant. I had very minor flu symptoms. At this time, I noticed my right lymph node was swollen, but painless. I self-medicated and took a course of Cipro. A week later, I saw my family doctor who was acting as my OB/GYN. He noted that both of my lymph nodes were swollen. My flu was gone. I no longer had pregnancy symptoms. He didn't offer any explanation or treatment. 5 days later I had a traumatic miscarriage. It was extremely painful and bloody. I had my first appointment....
  • 17 days ago

    ear problems tinnitus

    Hi I am suffering from tinnitus for the past 8days. Initially i went to physician docter and suggested me to ENT.After checking with my ENT he seen my ear just for 5seconds in each ear and told me that i having old nerve problem and hearing loss.he suggested hydrogenperoxide cream and white vinegar to mix it and take in both ear.i dont hv a ear pain till now..only problem is tinnitus.After taking large amount of white vinegar in right hurts really went straight to i feel....
  • 18 days ago

    Growth attached/near uvula?

    I have a fleshy squishy growth that is attached near my uvula. I can't exactly tell if it's on it or just near it. My throat is slightly sore but it mostly just feels like something is caught in it. The "growth" can be moved around but I can't remove it. Pictures are taken within moments of one another. Any idea what this could be?

  • 18 days ago

    Ears Block when Fasting / Extreme Dieting plus Exercise

    I have noticed for years that when I severely reduce my calories (e.g. fasting or those silly extreme diets I've been on) and especially when I do exercise (e.g. walking) then my ears block up. It lasts for days and sometimes weeks. Once I went to the GP about it, but they didn't know. I don't have ear problems, nor excess wax and normally my ears are okay (they sometimes get blocked for hours and hours after swimming with water caught inside them - I think I've sorted that one by....