• 5 days ago

    Stool Floaters


    was wondering if anyone can give me advice. for about a month I started having loose floating stool. it started happening about every three days and now its just about everyday the last week. been to my primary 2 times, first time he did basic blood tests checked for celiac, blood counts and did 3 different stool tests one to check for blood, 2 to check for bacteria etc. was told everything was normal. then I had an ultra sound of the abdomen and that was normal. he wants me to take a probiotic and go lactose free to see if that changes anything. I am overly worried this is a sign of pancreatic cancer. Had to push to get an appointment with a gastrointestinal dr next week. Also I am going a lot more often than ever in my life, normal for me is going 3 or 4 times a week now i'm going at least 2 times a day.

    No drastic weight loss, I'm not jaundice, I do have slight stomach discomfort, cramping feelings slight stabbing feelings. my primary care dr is pretty casual about the whole thing saying Pancreas Cancer does not usually present like this and I had a clean colonoscopy 4 years ago. Am I overacting or is my primary underacting?