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    Long term stomach problems

    So for several months I was having loose stools, sometimes explosive, usually 1-2 times per day. Also experiencing GERD & heartburn. It was time for a colonoscopy anyway, so doc also did endoscopy. No problems detected, waiting for biopsy results. Since the procedures I have been sick nonstop. Bloating, some gas, overall stomach tenderness, diarrhea several times a day, sometimes watery, pale stools, sometimes very painful cramps, some nausea. I am afraid to eat, for several days all I could eat was Gatorade & milkshakes. When I added spinach to my shake I think it triggered what felt like 3 days of a stomach virus. Doc had me do stool test, waiting on those results as well. There apparently are so many things this could be, but was hoping for experience from people here, thanks in advance!


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    RE: Long term stomach problems

    you said the Dr did an Endoscopy, was it with maybe duodenum biopsy? I ask because the last few months, I have undergone numerous tests from colonoscopy (yearly for me, polyps), endoscopy with duodenum biopsy, numerous blood and stool tests. after 57 yrs of misdiagnosis, 9 surgeries, years of what you described, my pcp sent me to a gastro who viewed my history, quizzed me on my life from infancy to now and zeroed in the possibility that I had Celiac Disease. long story short, I do have celiac, from the high gliadin levels in my blood tests and high lvls in stools to what is termed as the "gold standard" the duodenum biopsy as well as visual look at duodenum, all conclusive with celiac disease. undiagnosed celiac can lead to skin issues, mood issues, malnutrition, bone loss, vitamin and mineral deficiency's difficulty concentrating, insomnia, weight loss/gain, foul smelling pale colored stools, diarrhea, bloating, gas, excess stomach rumbling, headaches. if no biopsy was done, you might talk to dr about repeating with biopsy and check blood and stools for elevated gliadin.
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        also can end up causing other intestinal issues, I also have diverticulosis, lymphocytic colitis, gastritis with hemmorage, mild bone loss, a bit low on iron, folate, significant vitamin d deficiency. now on a gluten free diet, on steroids for the intestinal inflammation for 3 months, 50,000 units of vitamin D for 3 months, iron supplement, folate supplement and more.
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        Mindy, thanks for your response. The doctor did do biopsies and those results came back clear except for a Giardia diagnosis. So for me, the best possible answer.