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  • 2 hours ago

    Pain continuing after surgery

    I went to the GI after 2-3 weeks of continued upper left abdominal pain that never stopped- after eating all food and empty stomach alike. After a week on meds for spastic colon which didn't help, I had my gallbladder removed-HIDA scan showed it wasn't working at all. 3 weeks out from surgery and the pain is still there. Others I have talked to said the surgery stopped the pain immediately and as long as they didn't eat greasy or fatty foods they were fine. I have never had any loose....
  • 17 hours ago

    hemorrhoids or early colon cancer

    I got hemorrhoids while I was pregnant back in 2010 and never really paid much attention to it just used my Preparation H and with in 48 hours my symptoms would reside I'm only 27 and polyps and precancerous polyps are in my family history especially in the women and over the past few years I've been experiencing a lot more difficulties with my digestive tract. This is my first experience with usual treatment for hemorrhoids that's not helping using Preparation H, Witch Hazel, and Alcohol....
  • 1 day ago

    rectal bleeding

    i have had diarrhea for about two month, gastro gave me whelcore then another drug because whelcore wasn't working then it started work. had on and off diarrhea. then i was terminated and had water diarrhea for about 3 weeks then couple of days ago it was all bloody. i went to the emergency room and they did a cat scan and took blood. Doc said both were fine and he gave me cipro and metroonidazole to take for 10 days said he thinks i have colitis. i had another bloody one the next day took 4....
  • 1 day ago

    Ulcerative colitis mucus

    I've been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis for about a year and very recently (about three months ago) started having rectal mucus every time I go to the bathroom. It is always before I pass any actual stool and also happens even if I just am urinating. It's typically slightly clear but has some blood in it, and is very annoying because the mucus also passes often when I have to pass gas and am not near a bathroom. Could this be part of the ulcerative colitis, or more like a bacterial infection....
  • 1 day ago

    oregano oil - GERD ?

    I took some oregano oil for a while, around 5 weeks ago, I have been ill ever since. Bad GERD and suspected gallbladder issue (am awaiting HIDA scan) I am now on kefir, and yogurt and DGL licorice could this be a die off reaction, or did the o.oil damage my gut/gallbladder somehow ?
  • 2 days ago

    lower abdominal pains

    Two days ago i started having pain from which i can only guess is emanating from my prostate,appendix or gal bladder. I got a sharp pain when i woke up and sat up in bed. the pain seems to be coming from between by colon and penis. its only a brief sharp pain, it went away fairly quickly. But every time i feel gas passing through my intestines into my colon, as it passes this "Area" the pain appears and quickly dissipates. Also certain actions trigger this pain as well. When i Urinate or....
  • 2 days ago

    Green Luquid

    My morning bowel movement this morning was partly solid but mostly liquid. What made it strange was that the liquid was clear, but the color of free grass. What would cause that?
  • 2 days ago

    Sick from apple seeds?

    I was eating an apple slice and accidently bit a seed and swallowed it. I read articles online that only gave information on the lethal amount of cyanide poisoning from apple seeds. Will only one seed make me mildly sick?
  • 3 days ago

    Can it be Tapeworm?

    2 week ago, they were giving pork for lunch at school. I never eat pork but I was hungry and this was an exception. A few days after eating it, I noticed white spots in my feces. It's happened 3 times already and it has me worried. Another issue is that I haven't had a significant amount of poop when I do go to the bathroom. I'm worried that I might have gotten tapeworm from the pork.
  • Granddaughter Concern

    Our granddaughter is about 15 months old. She has a persistent cough and often vomits heavily while sleeping as a result of her cough. We worry that she may choke on her vomit. Doctors, who have performed physical exams only, say she is perfectly healthy. No xrays have been performed and she has not been to a pediatrician. This condition has existed for about 4 months.