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  • 9 hours ago

    Stomach Issues after Gallbladder removed..Dr says nothing can do

    Before thanksgiving was having some pains after eating. Went to family dr. sent me to get ultrasound and blood work. All came back normal, so sent me to do a HIDA scan. This came back that the gallbladder was not functioning fully. After seeing the surgeon we decided to remove, it was found out after that it was in fact inflamed, so removal was necessary. Unfortunately the surgeon did not give great discharge instructions and eating went back to semi-normal with in a few days. When I was still having....
  • 17 hours ago

    hemorrhoids and colonoscopy

    I am 38 years old and have internal and external hemorrhoids for the past 8+ years. My Father and Uncles all have had issues with them and one has had surgery in the past. I have been dealing with them and until recently they have become a major distraction and they are starting to affect my life and moral. Last October I almost pulled the trigger on surgery to take care of the issue but backed out after hearing how painful the procedure and recovery time was. Recently my grandfather was diagnosed....
  • 22 hours ago

    If not Crohns what is it ?

    I suffer from chronic diarrhea, bouts of vomiting and stomach pain. Had colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy. Showed inflammation yet pathology says NO Crohns/ colitis. Also have weight loss, feeling bloated and generally don't want to eat. GI doc says Crohns, primary doc says no !!! Crohns meds not working. I am at a loss. Could it be EPI ??? HHELP
  • 1 day ago

    Bright red blood on stool

    I have been experiencing bright red blood leaking when I pass stool. My stool appears to be mucousy, and the bleeding is continuous even if I am not pooping. I have lower abdominal cramping as well. This has been going on for many months and has really bad flare ups where I can't even work becuase the pain, nausea and bleeding are so excessive. I am not sure how to control this, and trips to the walk in clinic have been extremely unhelpful.
  • Digestive problems as Vegan

    Any nutrition experts out there? So, sadly I was started experiencing digestive issues with my high fiber vegan diet. My doctor told me to try changing my diet, now I was strictly vegan for 9 months up until April because I got sick. I mean I had stomach PAIN,I couldn't eat much. And I've been on gastrointestinal meds. I've always had a very delicate stomach but anyway I've had some animal products as per doc orders. My body is responding well I can't do much it's too much....
  • 4 days ago

    Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation

    I have been taking konsyl with senna for one year, since amitiza is not on the formulary for my health insurance. I am changing medication to milk of magnesia liquid and psyllium fiber capsules. I would like to know the possibility of developing melanosis coli from daily ingestion of senna? If present, can this condition be reversed? Also, does linzess have a similar action to amitiza? thank you!
  • 6 days ago

    is my fecal smell because of internal prolapse?

    I have been trying to find the cause of my fecal smell. I have been to dr but I mostly get the run around and no help. I have fecal smell from anus and sweaty anus. I have been reading that this may be due to internal prolapse. however on the long list of symptons such as pain, bleeding, incontinence, I don't have any of those. so I am questioning if it is internal prolapse. could weak pelvic floors be the cause of my odor?
  • 7 days ago

    25 y/o female with nausea and rising liver enzymes -- please help

    On Saturday I went to urgent care with what I thought was a UTI (painful urination, dark yellow urine despite drinking plenty of water, nausea, abdominal pain). Urine was negative for a UTI and they moved me to the ER. UTI-like symptoms attributed to irritation from elevated liver enzymes. Ultrasound showed a contracted gallbladder with a thickened wall (6mm). Otherwise normal. Saturday labs Total bilirubin: 2.6 mg/dL AST 55 U/L ALT 226 U/L On Monday, another ER visit, another ultrasound that showed....
  • 7 days ago

    Hemmoroid surgery

    Hello my surgeon is set to remove one external hemmoroid this Friday . He acts as if it's not going to be a big deal and it will be an outpatient thing. He said I will "not like him the first two days" but it will get much better after that . I have a trip to Disney planned 2 weeks after surgery . Should I wait ? Is a thrombosis hemmoroid dangerous? He will prescribe Percocet And Celebrex post surgery . After reading the comments on this board , I am terrified . Are externals worse....
  • 7 days ago

    scar tissue problem

    After hemorrhoid surgery, scare tissue formed to restrict the size of the anal opening. Not wanting to go through another surgery, is there a way to stretch the opening?