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  • 3 days ago

    how I lost weight and improved my diabetes

    I will try to keep this as simple as it is. I am a 73 yr old, 20 year diabetic. When I finally retired and was able to eat what I wanted to, I lost weight and my blood sugar readings dropped and stayed low. I eat good foods. I buy blueberries and other 'healthy' foods. When I get hunger or 'tasty', I simply eat something good from my pantry. Since I like all the things I buy (for the most part), My hunger is satisfied. When I go out, I eat basically anything I want; although most....
  • 6 days ago

    What Do You Do To "Fight" Diabetes?

    In order to beat Type 2 Diabetes, you have to "fight" to improve your health. What stands in the way of most people, newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, is themselves. They refuse to look for simple ways to make improvements in their health. They think, "I'll just let my doctor tell me what to do." There's two problems with this line of thinking: 1. They don't follow anyone's advice, let alone, their doctor's, and 2. Their doctor only see's them for 15....
  • 6 days ago

    News: Diabetes Drug Gets FDA Warning

    "The type 2 diabetes prescription drug canagliflozin (brand names Invokana, Invokamet, Invokamet XR) appears to increase the risk of leg and foot amputations, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says. The FDA is requiring the medications to carry new warnings about the risk. The required warnings on the drug's labeling include the most serious and prominent boxed warning." You can read more here:
  • question about diabetes and dementia

    I recently heard that diabetes can cause dementia. Since I've had diabetes for about 25 years and I'm now in my 70's I was wondering if it's true.
  • A1C

    How do you get your a1c down mine is 13.2 I have never been able to get it below 11 what am I doing wrong I eat right and I take 2 different type of insulins I don't over eat
  • 12 days ago

    High Fasting Numbers

    I have had high fasting numbers for a couple of years.My numbers are high when I test and when I have blood work done.My numbers are always 130 and higher.Some mornings when I test the numbers are in the 140's.My A1C last month was 6.2.My doctor doesn't really seem concerned.Tells me to eat better and lose weight.My numbers do go up over 200 when I eat certain foods.Should I be concerned about this and is my doctor doing enough? Thanks Ann
  • 14 days ago

    Psychosis as symptom of diabetes?

    I know a long term diabetic (he has already gone blind) who has paranoid hallucinations and delusions. But he knows they are not real because he usually won't admit to them when talking to doctors. Or if he does mention it, emergency medicine docs dismiss it as a side effect or a consequence of his diabetes. But this is a long standing problem. It seems to happen without being related to his sugar levels. And I've just never heard of these complex long-running (years) paranoid delusions being....
  • 15 days ago

    Metformin and Lipitor

    My liver enzymes are climbing higher and higher. Would either of the above meds cause this rise? Been taking the Lipitor for overy 2 years and Metformin for about 6 months, slowly increased dose.
  • 15 days ago

    How Much Do You Know About Peripheral Neuropathy?

    This week is Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves that send signals to and from the brain and spinal cord. And if you have this and diabetes, it’s important that you carefully control your blood sugar levels. Find out what you need to know, from how peripheral neuropathy develops to what the symptoms are and how to treat it, here:
  • 22 days ago

    I See Now

    Is this the new WEBMD policy? You allow posts on power antennas but you "censure" my posts?