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  • 14 days ago

    Diabetes Signs And Symptoms Saving The Diabetic Foot

    Click Title For Image Gallery Superficial Lesion Ulcer Infected Arythema Apparent Chronic Dermititis Of The Feet /Fungal Infection Present Yellowing Of The Toe Nails Risk Factor Number One Family History Of Diabetes Number Two Poor Diet Nmber Three Hypertension High Blood Pressure Take it from some one who recently lost a non family family member due to Diabetes Complications and also has Diabetes that runs in her mothers....

  • 15 days ago

    Intense Hunger pangs with an odd feeling

    Have Type 2 D, take metformin 500 twice a day for a couple years now. This past year, I have been getting this odd feelings in my stomach. About three hours or so after eating I can get this intense hunger pang, like a wave in my stomach. Very intense, I must stop what Im doing and eat something immediately. Soon as I do it goes away. really weird feeling. Im trying to lose weight but Im not starving or anything. Maybe I didn't eat a snack or something too. could it be from the metformin? anyone....
  • 23 days ago

    80 yr old diabetic with a hernia

    Hello all.. This is my first post. I am attempting to gather some info for my mother. She is, as in the topic line, an 80 yr old diabetic who has been recently diagnosed with a very large hernia. It makes her look pregnant, it's so large. She has been having pain and a lot of hertburn and general malaise. She has health issues, however, she tends to make more of them than is warranted, per doctors discussion. She also has some mental issues that she denies so they go untreated. Her diabetes is....
  • 23 days ago

    Glucose levels for someone 70 years old

    My Doctor has told me I should not worry about higher sugar levels at my age. He said I should keep them above 100 at all times, so I do not fall and break a bone. This makes no sense to me, and seems rather condescending. Is there any reason why I should not try to maintain blood sugar levels in a healthy range of 90-100 after fasting, and after exercising?
  • Diabazole

    Do you know anything about Diabazole? I came to know about it online the other day for the first time.
  • 25 days ago

    What Do You Want to Know About Diabetes?

    We want to hear from you. We have lots of content about diabetes, but we want to know firsthand how it affects you. How do you manage your diabetes day to day? What else would you like to know?
  • 28 days ago


    I have been getting shingles in the same two very painful areas for about 5 years now usually at least twice a year and I'm only 33 I get it on my butt cheek or between my inner thigh and my vaginas but this time it has came up on the area between my Anus and vigina is there any advice u could give me I don't have insurance so can't really afford to keep going to the Dr everytime it comes back
  • 1 month ago

    Found out I have diabetes

    I just found out I have diabetes type two and this is new to me my doctor is giving me medication for Metformin 500 but this new to me. Do I need to get that little machine to check my blood?
  • 28 days ago

    Fm cause to loose my family

    My name it's Ileana I'm 43 years old and been suffering from fm for the last 8 years when first was diagnosed with lupus because of the symptoms of fm and took medication for lupus for almost 1 1/2 unroll later on find out I was suffering from fm instead of lupus. I been taking several different chains of medications and now I'm taking lirica 200mg and cymbalta 60mg but i dont feel theynare helping me with nothing in the other hand my Simons have got worst all over my body specially hands....
  • 1 month ago

    Diagnosis so Quick

    I had a routine blood test that I thought was just for platelet count. Instead it turned out to also include a random blood glucose test. Unfortunately I didn't know that and had a 3 piece KFC meal, fruit punch and honey biscuits on the run literally just before drawing blood. My test showed a 219 glucose. My doctor was quick to say I now have diabetes and need medication. A few days later I re-ran the test, fasted for several hours and got a 101 result. I also took the A1C test and it was 5....