• 18 days ago

    RE: fasting

    If you are on medication for TD2, do not fast. Your blood glucose levels will go dangerously low. For further information discuss this with you doctor.
  • 16 days ago

    RE: fasting

    I believe there's lots of benefits to periodic, intermittent fasting, especially for Type 2's. The problem is T2 D's on "'meds". If you don't know what you're doing, the threat of hypoglycemia (low BS) is real. The way in which you asked the question provides me no evidence you know what you're doing. That's a reckless way to do business...for you and anyone else, here. Talk, first, with your dr.
  • 12 days ago

    RE: fasting

    The problem of fasting for T2D patients is the harmful effect for the soft tissue ( kidney and liver). These organs will have severe dehydration and dryness which will lead to organ damage. Even if you feel ok, you still harming your body.
  • 19 hours ago

    RE: fasting

    As a diabetic I have to do a 12 hour fasting once every (3) three months prior to a blood test for A1c. Generally your Dr will instruct you when to fast. Do be careful and only fast when instructed, carry some juice or Glucerna to drink after your test.
      • 17 hours ago
        "...Only fast when instructed..."

        Sure. That's reasonable advice. Because, you take meds that, artificially, manipulate blood sugar levels. If you were to take meds that lower blood sugar, then, stop eating, you could potentially fall too low, aka, Hypoglycemia.

        But, if you were to pay thousands $$$ to attend a "Type 2 Reversal Clinic", they wean you off the meds and have you lower your blood glucose, naturally, the way your body was designed to function...
        You stop eating "faux" food (sugar, white carbs) and sugary drinks.
        You drink water, only.
        You get plenty of rest & toss all alarm clocks in the trash.
        You exercise, daily.
        &, the kitchen closes at 6PM, every night, and doesn't open until 6AM the following morning.

        That's what they make you do for paying them thousands of dollars...You "fast" for a minimum of 12 hours, everyday, for the rest of your life.

        Diabetes is insulin "resistance". So, the only way to reduce insulin resistance is to use LESS insulin (not MORE). This is why short term fasting fights Type 2 Diabetes. And, this is also why people who take Type 2 Diabetes meds don't get better. They get worse. The more insulin produced, the hungrier they get, and because they are constantly eating, the more insulin their body is forced to produce. Round and around and around. This is why 9 out 10 people with Type 2 are overweight or obese.

        This is what they teach you for thousands of bucks in a diabetes reversal clinic.

        Eat real food, &
        Close the kitchen (fast)