• 20 days ago

    Small lump on breast

    I'm 19 and a couple months or some weeks ago had noticed a small lump on my breast. I didn't really think it would be an issue but since it still hasn't gone I continued to try and search through people's similar questions but couldn't find any similar symptoms.
    It's in my left breast and slightly below the areola, it's the size of a very small pea but still noticeable, this is due to it being right below the skin. I can feel around it but it doesn't move (since it's stuck to the skin) It's a circular ball as i've heard cancerous lumps are usually irregular. It's color is almost a peach/yellow-white and has no pain. I've seen people describe the feel difference of cancerous to non cancerous is hard to firm and honestly I can't tell the difference. I guess you can say it's more firm than hard, not like a rock feel but still able to tell it's in a ball shape and if I press both sides of it, it will turn flat so possibly firm? There are no other symptoms besides this. I appreciate any information on it, thank you.