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  • 5 days ago

    Your Skin and Sun Damage

    We show you how getting too much sun can take a toll on your skin, from sunburn to wrinkles to skin cancer: How much time do you spend out in the sun?

  • 54 minutes ago

    Blood clot in breast after lumpectomy surgery

    I recently had a lumpectomy went for my two-week check-up bruising and swelling still there following week went to Medical oncologist and radiation oncologist both confirmed a blood clot this morning breast is harder and blood clot is visible is this normal what are the next steps
  • 6 hours ago

    New strange mole, should I be concerned?

    Lately the sun has been out and has been lovely. I have been out in it where I usually never go out. Anyway, I have a mole (or what I believe is a mole) appear just under my right arm in the pit area. I felt this when I woke up this morning and though "what the hell". I'm not picking it off because it is sensitive as a mole would be if you try rip it off but it looks strange so I am hoping I can get a response on webMD before taking it further with the hospital. See the image I uploaded....

  • 1 day ago

    Scab on scalp that won't heal

    About a month ago, I had a, I think, sebaceous cyst on my scalp rupture by itself. It gave me a few annoyances, but after a couple of days of drainage, the spot (about 1/4 of a centimeter in diameter) scabbed over and everything seemed to be healing correctly. The scab has never healed though. The color is a standard darker brown color. Very similar to any other ordinary scab. Hasn't changed in size. It doesn't hurt or itch. The picture is a little red because I was picking at it pretty furiously....

  • 2 days ago

    Types of Thyroid cancer

    1. Papillary carcinoma Papillary carcinoma is the most well-known type of thyroid cancer, representing roughly 80 percent of cases. Papillary carcinomas are moderate developing, separated cancers that create from follicular cells and can create in one or both flaps of the thyroid organ. This kind of thyroid cancer may spread to adjacent lymph hubs in the neck, however it is for the most part treatable with a decent visualization. 2. Follicular carcinoma Follicular carcinoma is the second most basic....
  • 5 days ago

    Overview Of Thyroid Cancer

    Thyroid Cancer Symptoms Some thyroid cancer signs and indications incorporate a dry voice, neck torment, and developed lymph hubs. In spite of the fact that as much as 75% of the Cold knob in thyroidpopulation will have thyroid knobs, by far most are considerate. Youngsters more often than not don't have thyroid knobs, however as individuals age, will probably build up a knob. When we are 80, 90% of us will have no less than one knob. Thyroid Cancer Prognosis Most thyroid cancers are exceptionally....

  • 5 days ago

    I need advice on getting a colposcopy and cervical cancer

    My recent PAP test showed abnomal squamous cells and an HPV test came back positive. My doctor wants me to come in and have a colposcopy done. My husband just recently quit his job to pursue something different and we have lost our insurance. I am literally only one week away from the test and I am worried about the cost of the procedure. I was having it done in the office which, from what I have read can cost anywhere from $300-1,000 depending on if biopsies are done. We already have a mountain....
  • 5 days ago

    Is it cancer?

    Hello, I am a 35 year-old mother of two. 5'8" and 150lbs. I've been experiencing pain in my left shoulder blade for nearly six months. My left breast also produces a clear slimy substance when squeezed. Additionally, I have a pencil eraser size indent in my left breast below my nipple, only noticeable when I raise my left arm. I went to my obgyn and she found a lump. I've been scheduled for a mammogram, but it is two weeks out. If anyone can please help ease my worrying, I would....
  • 5 days ago

    Is this lung cancer?

    A nodule was found in my right lung several years ago. My pulmonologist found an older cat scan from the year before which showed the nodule and in the year the size has not changed. We waited six months and took another CAT scan and the nodule size was still on changed so the doctor told me not to worry about it and that I would need no more CAT scans. Since then I have moved to another state and Now it's four years Later I had to go for a chest x-ray because I fell and I thought I might have....
  • Tarceva rash

    Received a Stage 4 adenocarcinoma diagnosis a few weeks ago and started Tarceva. Suddenly the expected rash has turned much worse. Already using the medicated lotion, moisturizing, using sun screen...but the rash seems to have a mind of its own! Any other ideas?