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    I just found out my husband has parkinsons and he just had spine surgery as well 2 weeks ago. I am 64, work full time caregive before and after work. I get little sleep. I know its not all about me but how can i look after everything alone? My husband has high expectations and i do a lot of heavy lifting which i can do now but can lead to eventual strain. Retiring is not an option and we have hired snow removal and yard help. I am suffering burnout. Is it normal to get frustrated. How do you guys cope, and i mean mentally as well.


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    one day at a time it is the only way Yesterday is gone, tomorrow never come all that is now.......................
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    Be sure to contact your local Council on Aging. They can provide tremendous resources and assistance to you and your husband.
    Also, has your husband ever served in the military? If so, get in touch with your local VA right away.
    There IS help out there. Please don't be discouraged or give up!
    Best of luck to you.
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    Hi there, and thank you for confiding in this board.

    It must be extremely hard for you to go through this. I can tell you from my experience with caretaking, it's OK to feel frustrated --you are definitely not alone in that. I'm glad that you are here, and I hope that this board will continue to be an outlet for you to express yourself. My thoughts are with you.

    Here is information I found on WebMD that you might find informative:

    1) Coping Tips for Caregivers of Those With Parkinson's Disease -- http://wb.md/2dt5xKI. Caring for someone with PD can be extremely stressful and it's important that you learn of ways to manage the day-to-day of caring for someone with a chronic illness. Be sure not to forget to look after yourself and to seek support from your family, friends or a mental health professional.

    2) Treatment & Care Options for Parkinson's Disease -- http://wb.md/2dx8Npe

    3) Coping with a Parkinson's Diagnosis -- http://wb.md/2dxbefQ . I think that this could be a great resource for both you and your husband. Receiving a chronic illness diagnosis can come as a shock and a lot of people find it hard to process. We all know that Parkinson's has a physical toll, but there is also an emotional and mental toll that those with the disease and their families need to understand and learn how to cope with.

    4) Support & Resources -- http://wb.md/2dt8aME. Never forget, you are NOT alone.

    Feel free to come back and check in here whenever you'd like. We're always here for you, even if it's just to listen ((hugs)).