• 14 days ago

    Unable to track moving finger.

    Tonight, while playing with my wife and children, I noticed that my wife is unable to track a moving finger when moving in a circular motion. (To the extent that her ocular movement is 180 degrees in the opposite direction.) Even when I tell her the route I am to take with my finger, she is unable to follow, always going in the opposite direction. Yet when this obvious fact is put to her she denies it, claiming that she has successfully followed the finger. This began to freak her out a little so I had no opportunity to test further.

    This appears suggestive of a neurological problem, but what exactly? She is 51 years, currently medicated for depression, no other meds, no known neuro disorder. Can anyone suggest what may be the problem. (Of course, she needs to see a Dr., and this will happen when I am able to convince her to do so, but I thought I might better convince her if I know what we're dealing with in advance.)