• 24 days ago

    6 ER Visits, one nerve block, and still no answers

    After 6 ER visists, one nerve block, and one night stay in the hospital my husband is still very ill. He has a severe headache, vomiting, sometimes numbness on one side of his body, slur speech, not able to communicate well, and says things that don't make sense. He has no fever but feels very warm. CT was negative, MRI with out contrast did not show anything. The neurologist does not care that my husband symptoms are getting worse and just treats it like a migraine. He has not even looked at the MRI himself. My husband does not have a history of migraines. He had one in 2014 when he was deployed over seas and very sick. But having one does not make it a history. My husband is almost 30.

    His headaches wake him up at night and then the vomting starts. He has lost so much weight the past 2 weeks. He was very healthy and did not take any medication prior to 2 weeks ago. I am very worried about his lack of ability to tell me he is in pain, and the ramdom things he keeps saying. A spinal tab has not been done. The neurologist says he does not look sick enough.

    My husband is very weak and very discouraged. He has never been sick like this in his life. He just wants to get better. Nothing is working.


  • 15 days ago

    RE: 6 ER Visits, one nerve block, and still no answers

    This sounds just like what I have. I have been diagnosed with trigeminal neuralga. I had to go to 3 specialists before I was given a correct diagnosis. If this doctor is not helping - find another one. I have had this condition for 8 years and with medication and support from family and friends, I maybe have a bad headache every couple of months. Good luck to you. I hope you find your answers.
  • 9 days ago

    RE: 6 ER Visits, one nerve block, and still no answers

    If you're not getting the doctors to listen to you, find a doctor that will listen to you. Doctor's, for the most part, want to help, so don't be afraid to interview your doctor. Find references. Usually your insurance company or doctors office will give you references.
    Get off their website and lookup their reviews on other places to see what others are saying.
    Good luck to you and your husband.
    God Bless.