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  • 7 days ago

    Knee Replacements

    Aug 2014 on a Fri. I had my right knee replaced when I woke up my leg from my hip to my foot was swallowen On Sun I was moved to a second nursing home for rehab after 28 days they released me. My surgeon said in a year it would get better. After 6 mo. I saw another surgeon he said he put the wrong knee in after three revisions and four mep. In June 2015I had the left knee replaced. My legs from my knees down swell really bad. I use wraps to help the lower part of my legs and a dompression device....
  • 8 days ago

    Having fibromyalgia and arthritis

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. My family doesn't believe that stress, being aggravated, being tense, fighting, arguing or yelling makes everything worse for me. I will wake up the next day feeling like I was just totally ran over by a truck; they just don't understand the magnitude of it.
  • 8 days ago

    Chaga and Methotrexate

    I am considering using a natural Chaga tea, but I am concerned about interaction with my prescribed Methotrexate. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with Chaga?
  • 9 days ago

    RA and TMD

    Anyone have issues with TMD?
  • 9 days ago

    Can Yoga Help Ease Joint Pain?

    Exercising when you have arthritis can be tough. These yoga poses can help build strength, stamina, and balance: Have you tried yoga to help ease joint pain? Did it work?
  • 12 days ago


    Hello maybe somebody can help me for 10 yrs I was taking ultram for arthritis pain had one knee replaced 15 yrs ago in coarse of time I have developed arthritis in left knee , both shoulders both thumbs ,hips and spine . Four years ago my G/P started me on oxycodone 5 mg and ultram after a couple months he went to 10 mg than 15 up to 30 mg QR . The last 3 1/2 years I was taking 30 mg 5 times a day . In January 2017 I called for refill and I was told the practice couldn't write any scripts for....
  • 16 days ago

    Arthritis Pain in Left Shoulder

    I am concerned that the cartilage in my left shoulder has deteriorated or that there are bone splinters from an unknown injury in my left shoulder. I noticed this during Zumba two years ago, when I lost full range of motion in my left shoulder. I continued to dance, but could barely move my left arm without a lot of pain. Since then, I have been taking it easy, but recently began attending Zumba at my local gym again. * Within 5-10 minutes into the Zumba session, I begin to feel a lot of heat in....
  • 19 days ago

    Child Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatory Arthritis (JRA) 10 months ago. Nearly a year later, she has no symptoms. This is her story: In March of 2016 she woke up with a very swollen knee, warm to touch, and couldn't walk on it. Our pediatrician immediately indicated it might be arthritis, as more and more children are developing it. After a normal X-ray and blood work (rheumatoid factor: normal), our pediatrician sent us to a rheumatologist, who watched it for 2 months. Emotionally....
  • 21 days ago

    Dementia and prednisone

    My 72 year old father had rotator cuff surgery about 4 years ago and has not been the same since mentally. He has arthritis and the Dr has him on prednisone. It helps with his arthritis but was wondering if this medication could contribute to his dementia symptoms. His dr also put him on Elavil and he absolutely had side effects with that. He can't take any pain medication he's been prescribed so far. He even had a bad reaction at the dentist.
  • 23 days ago

    Arthritis pain in my neck.

    I have arthritis pain in my neck so bad, it's hard to sleep or turn my head. My doctor gave me a muscle relaxer that really hasn't worked. She suggests I get some type a series of shots that might help with the pain. I have had X-rays done in my neck and they indicate a lot of arthritis. I was on a drug that really helped but I was forced to stop taking it because it interfered with my kidney functions. My question is, are these shots ok and worth it. Any response would be appreciated. Thank....