• 1 month ago

    Beta Rheumatoid Mom

    I was very recently diagnosed with RA, and even more recently informed my disease is severe. Collectively, the news is so fresh I am still trying to figure out how to wrap my head around it. Truthfully, it all feels so surreal. My denial is singing a song to the tune of 'there must be some mistake"; then there are bouts of the volume dimming and I'm finding myself wondering how much time I have and what "crippled" me looks like.

    The circle I have shared this with is rather small and they are understanding and supportive minus a couple of people. One being my mom, and two being a dear lifelong friend. Even with extensive explanation they both seem to be void of understanding and acknowledgment. I've heard, "Grandma has arthritis and look at her. She's fine", and "Hmm, that's strange. You should seek opinion from another specialist." This troubles me immensely and I don't understand why I have such a burning desire for their cognizance. Why is their clear understanding and acknowledgment of this crippling disease almost robbing me of my ability to seek solace in the support and comfort offered by others in my life of equal value?

    I know me, and I know there is a day in my near future where I accept my new reality, but right now I'm struggling.


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    RE: Beta Rheumatoid Mom

    Hi Rheumom, I am also a rheumatoid mom and I believe that we can shape our new reality. Dynamic stretching, exercising and eating a plant-based whole food diet without gluten or much sugar has transformed my condition. Look into eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and and avoiding foods that cause inflammation. It makes a life changing difference. You got this!
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