• 12 days ago

    Tendononitis, Joints, Ligaments, Hair Loss, Vitamin Deficiency

    I could really use some help...badly....I have been going through this for about two years now and I have listed all the symptoms in a relatively accurate chronological order (some began simultaneously to others). I have had many blood tests / vectra test (63 = very high = much inflammation). Docs believe it to be autoimmune, spondyloarthropies , but no idea on which one exactly.

    I am on humira, but almost all symptoms below are still persisting .

    left elbow tendinitis (golfer's)
    severe lower back pain (injury induced, 10/10 pain @ the time))
    dry itchy skin (all over body)
    dry itchy scalp (flaky)
    increased hair loss in periodic intervals
    ringing in ears
    weight loss
    joint pains (shoulder, knees, ankles, elbows)
    digestive issues (after eating - diarhea, cramping, pain)
    random traveling pains (sharp and dull - all over)
    dizziness (seldom, lasting seconds at a time - not recently)
    difficulty concentrating / focusing (not recently)
    right elbow tendinits (golfers)
    biceps tendinitis (left)
    biceps tendinitis (right)
    low iron
    low vitamin D
    low BUN
    feels like tendons shrinking