• 12 days ago

    ADD with no drug avail

    I've been diagnosed with ADD by 3 different psychiatrists. I tried Concerta for 2 weeks and it made me very angry, nervous, aggresive , and impulsive to the point where I picked a fight for no reason at all, so I went back to my primary psychiatrist and he told me to stop Concerta and take Strattera instead, and after 6 weeks with no effect at all so he advised me to fly to a nearby country to get Adderall because its not available where I live. I flew there and had no luck finding it too, so I called the largest psychiatrist hospital within 3 hours flight distance to look for it and none had it. I live in the middle east and the closest country that sells it is UK which is 7 hours flight away and its realy tideous for me to get thier for a priscription. I do have certifcate of importation for 60 days script from my country's FDA and a report from 3 different psychiatrists, is there anyway to fill my script without my physical presence in any country that has it?
    I can provide all the official paperwork and reports.