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  • 2 hours ago

    Pregnant right after a miscarriage

    I found out the baby didn't have a heart beat 3weeks ago. I was 14 weeks but the doctor says he only measure 12weeks therefore he probably died 2weeks before I found out. I saw my doctor on Friday he told me to wait for the test results to see if they can figure out what happened and at least 2 regular period before trying again but i think i might already be pregnant. We had sex a few days before I went to see him and I was ovulating. I was reading online it said if your body is ready you might....
  • 7 hours ago


    Have had a virus for the past two weeks, have been getting headaches as well any suggestions on remedies? I am taking sudafed, Tylenol and Vicks
  • 9 hours ago

    7 weeks today, can I use this product?

    I bought the black mask peel before I knew I was pregnant. I have 2 bottles of it but I haven't used it because I don't know if I can. Does anyone know if this is allowed? any insight would be appreciated. thanks
  • 22 hours ago

    Heart shaped uterus

    Has anyone gotten told or know for sure they have a bicornuate uterus? Have you had your baby ,were you able to go to full term without complications ?
  • 1 day ago


    Ok so I had sex with my bf on the 23rd of January and again on the 28th January. My ovulation was supposed to be the 19-27th. I'm now 11 weeks pregnant and my last period was January 5th. What day could I have most likely conceived Bc the numbers aren't even adding up.
  • 1 day ago

    First baby...

    This is mine and my husbands first baby!!! I'm over the top excited but there are some things that I feel bad about thinking.... I was hoping that everyone has these same thoughts.... I have 3 more weeks until I can go to the Dr for an ultrasound because that's what they wanted. I almost feel like it hasn't hit me that I'm pregnant because other than the symptoms and the (4) at home pregnancy tests confirming, it doesn't seem real. Also, when I say it out loud to people, it sounds....
  • 2 days ago

    Comfortably sleep deprived :-(

    Is it safe to sleep on belly,right side or even on back at 9 weeks ? I have read not too and why more starting from 2nd trimester am on, but what about first ? Is it really really ok? Also because I can't sleep much anymore comfortably.
  • 3 days ago

    Very crazy news

    So I have just found out I'm pregnant but with triplets!!! It's my first pregnancy and I'm so scared :$ does anyone else have experience with carrying triplets and can give advice? Xx
  • 3 days ago

    Telling your parter

    I bought and took a pregnancy test because i was very late and noticed symptoms. I took it and it said Positive, i was so happy because we had been trying now for 4 months. His reaction made me burst into tears because he didn't seem at all happy and his first words were "i'm getting fixed" not exactly what i wanted to hear... after telling him good news and he also asked me "is it mine?" Ugh! After that i haven't been able to be happy, just upset and heartbroken,....
  • 4 days ago

    Baby number 3

    This will be my 3rd c.section and my scared of what could happen to me. I have a 5yr old and a 11month old who will be 1yr in a week I heard that I had to wait 18months to have a other child ?? What can happen will I be ok with now a 3rd c.section knowing my son isn't 18 months what are the risks ? Im very scared and also my last period was February 8 how far along i'm I ? I went to the hospital but they said I'm 2weeks I'm lost please‚Äč help