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  • 2 hours ago

    Miscarriage or ok?

    Hi everyone! So I had a ultrasound yesterday when I should have been 6 weeks 6 days according to my last period. It did not go well. Compared to my last week ultrasound I was measuring 5 weeks 5 days and yesterday I was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day. The nurse doing the ultrasound automatically said I think ur fetus stopped growing then brought a doctor in. The doctor took over on ultrasound and said that she could see a fetal pole and possibly a pulse. Nurse decided I come back in a week to redo....
  • Still spotting

    Hey ladies! I posted a few days ago (Saturday) asking about spotting after a positive test. My at home test was positive on Saturday, then my hcg blood test was 40 on Monday. I know that is low and my Doctor said could mean I have either miscarried, or at just in my very first weeks of pregnancy. Well, my spotting hasn't stopped or slowed. Its sometimes pink and sometimes bright red. I do have very mild cramps that come and go. And the spotting is nothing like my normal flow. I am going to take....
  • 4 days ago


    When is the earliest you can find out the sex of the baby?!!
  • Worried

    Hey everyone. This is my first pregnancy and I just took an at home test yesterday morning. I had been suspicious I was pregnant after being 10 days late when I've never been even a day late before. Then this morning, I spotted just the slightest and it was more pink than red. By all reports I should be about 6 weeks along, should I be concerned?
  • 22 hours ago

    New Mum at 42 Expecting Twins Due November 2017

    Hey There! Looking for any older mums in Adelaide Australia (or not) due around November?
  • 1 day ago

    6wks and restless

    I'm only 6wks as of today and I have a hard time falling and staying asleep. I sleep super late and still wake up at 3-4 in the morning and have the hardest time falling back asleep. Is this common?
  • 2 days ago

    41, just got a positive. Moods

    Hi. I'm 41. My partner and I decided to try to get pregnant and were successful on the first try. I know that makes us really lucky. I've been elated since we made the decision, but today I'm feeling anxiety and some depression. I normally have pretty bad PmS, and am suddenly worried this is what the next 9 months will be like. Does it get better?
  • 2 days ago


    Hey everyone! Having my Congenital Anomaly Scan on the first week of June. I'll be 24 weeks at that time. Is that too late? Need your opinions. Thanks!
  • 2 days ago

    Prenatal test

    I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I recently had a rubella igg blood test and it gave 206 value. What it means ?
  • 4 days ago

    Pregnancy test

    My period came light for one night then heavy for about 2-3 days then brown. It was like 5 days long. That was like 12 days after unprotected sex. 3 weeks after the unprotected sex and me being paranoid about my "period" I took 2 tests and both were negative. It reassured me, I had no symptoms besides being anxious. But after googling everything I feel weird, I have lower cramp feelings. Did I wait enough? Pregnant or paranoid? Or miscarriage?