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  • 45 minutes ago

    Stomach flu with twins!

    Has anyone had the stomach flu while pregnant, especially with twins? I'm concerned I'll get it considering both my daughters had it over the past couple of days. I'm pregnant with twins at 27 weeks. Not sure if it's a concern if I get it or if I should call the doctor.
  • 50 minutes ago

    Breast pain

    Hi!! So i am currently 17 weeks pregnant, and my right breast has become increasingly tender. I cant even touch it without it sending a sharp stinging pain right through the center. Does anyone have any advice or has had the same thing, or know what could be causing it? TIA
  • 52 minutes ago

    Pregnant and Nursing Simultaneously

    Hello- I'm having difficulty finding information about adequate nutrition for a pregnant woman who is also nursing; most information only pertains to one OR the other, not both. I know that a woman who is only pregnant ought to begin consuming 300 more calories during or after the first trimester. Does that hold true if I'm also nursing my daughter 3x/day? Or will my nutritional needs be higher? One of my earliest pregnancy symptoms was/is a markedly increased appetite - a tradeoff with a....
  • 52 minutes ago

    Baby Movements

    I am 23w 5d pregnant with twin girls. Last week they were so active it kept me up at night and I was able to record them moving my belly. We had a really busy weekend and I didn't pay much attention to their movements. Yesterday I could hardly feel them. I even drank some chocolate milk to get them moving in the morning and they did but their movements definitely weren't as strong and noticeable. Last night when I went to bed I laid in my usual position to feel them move but I didn't....
  • 55 minutes ago

    Vaginal or C-Section

    I had a c-section with my first and I am debating if I should would my second. I need some advice...
  • 59 minutes ago

    Sonogram with no fetus

    Is it normal to not see the embryo at 6 weeks in my endovaginal sonogram. Everything else seems to be there and in perfect conditions but my fetus is no where to be seen yet. -(first time mom)
  • 1 hour ago

    Abnormal Pregnancy :(

    I went in for my first OB appointment today, calculating by my LMP I should be 10 weeks. Today, I estimated 6wk1day with no heartbeat located. I knew something was wrong because I went to a woman's clinic 2 weeks ago, and measured 6wk1day as well. As I was trying to listen to what the doctor had to say, I couldn't help but break down in tears. My 4yo daughter and husband were in the room with me. We were very excited about this and I'm pretty sure a lot of moms and moms-to-be agree that....
  • 1 hour ago

    Twin pregnancy symptoms

    I had an ultrasound this week at 7w2d and found out I'm having twins! I'm super excited but never nervous about vanishing twin. The dr said the heartbeats looked good (146 and 148), and that they were both measuring exactly on track. However, since my appt Monday, my pregnancy symptoms have not been nearly as bad as they were. My breasts had been super sore, and I had been very nauseous, but now the symptoms aren't nearly as bad. Has anyone had vanishing twin, or does anyone know if my....
  • 4 hours ago

    Pain while walking

    I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, I was just wondering if it's normal to have pain in my vagina while walking this late in pregnancy. The dr told me he's already in position, but he hasn't dropped yet. It just really hurts to walk and move around.

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