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  • 4 hours ago

    Bullmastiff mommy worried about her boy

    Hello, I have a 9 yr old mastiff with a little pit mixed in him and he is extremely ill. He has lost approximately 50 pds in about a month and a half, does not have his normal appetite for food (which is extremely unusual), exessive drooling (which he has never done, scoots his bottom on the floor and is just lethargic and not himself. We have an appointment with the vet tomorrow but I have been doing g some research and this can be very difficult to diagnose. He is my baby and I'm extremely....
  • 5 hours ago

    GSD Lethargic and barely eating.

    I just started noticing these symptoms the other day. My GSD (1 year old) is turning his nose to a lot of things he'd normally eat in a heartbeat and is keeps wanting to go outside but all he's doing is laying down out there. He is drinking water (not too much) his stool is solid and looks okay. As far as vomit is concerned he has only vomited once and I think it was from the grass he was eating but I'm not completely certain(We don't put fertilizer on our lawn if that helps). His....
  • 21 hours ago

    I have a question regaurding my pregnant dauchsand's behavior.

    My dauchsand cries,whines and barks if I am out of her site. She has become progressively dependent as her pregnancy is getting closer to her due date. Is this normal?
  • 8 days ago

    Can toxoplasmosis live on carpets, floors, clothes after cleaning?

    Hello there! My kittens pooped a while ago on some clothes and the floor, and I didn't notice until recently. I heard that toxoplasmosis is quite hardy, and I'm wondering what type of cleaning will kill the toxoplasmosis, if they had it. Thank you.
  • Cyst on Dog's Mouth

    My dog Nick had a small growth on his lip. It has now grown very large in size. The other day, he scratched it and it bled some. I was wondering if this type of growth is something that I can poke with a sterilized needle and drain or is it something that needs to be surgically removed? I had the vet take a look and they said they would need to put him under anesthesia, get a biopsy and then after looking at it they can tell me what it is. Then after that, they would have to put under anesthesia....

  • 10 days ago

    My 8 yr old lab

    I have an 8 yr old lab and for about the last 6 wks she has been acting weird she has become very lethargic and has been panting a lot she hasn't lost any weight she is eating and drinking. tonight when I got home from work she keeps acting like she is very thirsty keeps sticking her tongue out and has been licking the floor or tv stand whatever she is laying next to. she can no longer jump up on our bed either my husband has been helping her up and off the bed. This morning when I was getting....
  • 11 days ago

    dry flakes - cant stop scratching - white flakes like dandruff

    my little doggie has been scratching and scratching and I noticed she has now dry flaky skin almost like an extreme case of human dandruff - with white coloured flakes coming off my sofa if he has just been sitting there I feel sorry for him and not sure what to wash him with- what could be the problem - do dogs have allergies?
  • 12 days ago

    News: Is It OK to Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

    I confess that I let my dog sleep in the bed at night...but according to a new study from the Mayo Clinic: "Your sleep may be more compromised if your dog is in your bed, though this is not the case if Fido is simply in your bedroom." You can learn more here: Does your dog sleep in your bed with you? And if so, is this research enough to send him (or her) packing?
  • 12 days ago

    I'm a cat man

    Shout out to all the other cat lovers out there!
  • 13 days ago

    Parvo survival rate

    We just got a 12 week old puppy from a rescue/rehab shelter. She has Parvo, and now has round worms. Been at the vet hospital, but what is the survival rate for a dog with Parvo and round worms?