• 30 days ago

    Need advice

    My son is 11 and he still pees in the bed I have tries stopping him drinking anything at 7pm I have tried waking him up a couple times during the night and he still has an accident he is very embarrassed about it and cries every morning any advice??


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    RE: Need advice

    bedwetting after a certain age is a sign of emotional distress. I would have him see a doctor and perhaps, ask him questions about his internal life. how is he feeling? is there anything wrong? remind him that he can tell you anything without you being "mad," encourage a open line of dialogue
      • 22 days ago
        I agree that it could be a sign of stress or something emotional going on. It could also be more medically based. Have you talked to his doctor about it? He might have some more concrete ideas or want to run a few tests.
  • 28 days ago

    RE: Need advice

    12. Bed Wetting Disorder:

    Bed wetting is normally a problem of children; some children wet the bed even after the age of seven during sleep, this is bed wetting. Take two raisins, remove its seed and insert 1-1 black pepper seed in it; give it to the child to eat before going to sleep at night for 2-3 weeks. It removes bed-wetting problem.
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    RE: Need advice

    Have you tried it yet or not
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    RE: Need advice

    There a number of reasons some children wet the bed at age 11, the most common of which includes late brain development. This is not unusual in children who have ADHD. The brain normally releases a natural hormone at night which reduces urine production and causes the bladder muscles to retain urine in the bladder. Some children do not produce enough of this hormone and this results in bed wetting. They generally grow out of it by 12 to 14. Checking with your child's doctor is important to make sure there are no other medical issues is important. Your doctor may recommend trying a number of options: 1) using a bed wetting alarm stitched into the underwear or pajamas to wake the child the instant they wet - it retrains the brain, and can be quite effective for some; 2) the doctor may prescribe a Desmopressin to reduce urine production; 3) another option is to have your child wear protective nightwear (example Pampers makes what they call "UnderJams" in a variety of sizes.