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    RE: School anxiety

    Hi, Amarie0712. Did you try talk and ask her? If there`s something wrong, or someone bullying her?
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    RE: School anxiety

    I never went to school until my junior year of HS. Good news -- I wound up going going to college, graduating with honors and now I'm a really hard worker but I suffered with depression and anxiety and never told anyone and no one put two and two together so I just struggled through it. She might need treatment. I never got it as a child but getting it now.
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    I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. Parenting is not easy sometimes.

    Not wanting to go to school may mean many different things that are not 'medical'. Have you spoken to her about classmates? Is there someone at school who is bothering her or targeting her? It may be worthwhile speaking to the teachers to better understand.

    Also, is she understanding what is being taught in class? In third grade, there is often a 'step up' in the curriculum, when learning to read starts changing into reading to learn, and a higher level of reading comprehension is expected. Additionally math starts involving higher level functions such as multiplication. How is she doing with all of this? Again, a conversation with the teacher might help.

    Other problems that may be hard to catch may be issues such as ADHD, anxiety and depression. Talk to your child and ask her more about this as well. And definitely speak to the teachers to find out more. Here are some resources that could help-

    Hopefully getting more information from the school and from your daughter will help resolve this soon!
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    RE: School anxiety

    Dear a.marie, just want you to know that you are not alone. I am presently going through the exact same thing with my 8 year old daughter and have been for a little over a month. She was off school due to what we thought was a stomach bug for a few weeks. We did get her to go back for one week but then on the monday of the following week she came home from the bus stop and refused to go. I put her in the van and took her to school but she refused to get out. Eventually her teacher, the principal and vice principal all came out at different times to get her to go in, but to no avail. The next day i got her into the school, but she refused to go to her classroom and for the past 2 weeks she has been going to a different room without students. She is too big for me to make her go by force. Presently we have the plan that I go in, wait for the bell to go off and then leave her there until 11 or 12. From there, I take her home and make her lunch. She is allowed to watch tv until she is done her lunch, then she does her homework and sits at the table with nothing to do until the time that school would be over and she is allowed to do other things. We have tried talking to her about everything but to no avail. Ive also taken her to the children's regional centre here and also the doctors to make sure that nothing was physically wrong for sure. The school is setting up appointments with other proffesionals to help uncover what the root of the problem is. Meanwhile, every time that she makes a step foreword, like visiting the class when no students are in there, or stays an extra hour at school, I give her a reward like letting her go on her tablet for a little while. The principal says that I am to expect a lot of misbehaviour from her because we are taking back control where she had it before. And its true, I have been going through hell. She has started to hit me and pull on me and just act in very inappropriate ways in which she never had before. She even told them that I hit her. Then the principal told me that my daughter is really, really mad at me because of the control issue. And she will say and do anything to try and regain that control that she has lost. She doesn't even realize what or why she is doing it. Presently we are working on getting her into her classroom when no one is in there, and having her stay longer at school. She won't even go out for recess. They also gave me a number for a therapist here in town to get her into. When I saw your post i just had to reply because i know exactly what you are going through. There are some good clips about school refusal on YouTube and some of the ideas are very good. Just be careful what you look at online because anyone has a say online. Use your good judgement. I also wish that we could talk to one another for support, as i have no one and its really hard to go through something like this alone. Just reply on here and maybe we can find a way to reach out to one another if you wish. Stay strong because i have found this to be very emotionally draining, and keep fighting the good fight. Im sure things will work out for the both of us and our children in the long run and this will just be another one of those experiences that we will look back on in the future...