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    kids won't go to sleep

    I have 2 great granddaughters ages 2 and 4 . They have had to move in with me due to loss of jobs for both parents. Both parents live here also . The kids will NOT go to sleep before 9 or 10 pm every night even though they get up at & am every day they will play scream fight get up dozens of times . We have tried every thing we can think of reading books, watching movies, extra play time, less play time, warm baths with soothing lavender oil, bed time snacks ,no snacks we are ready to break out sleeping tablets ( of course only joking ) but we are at our wits end . This was going on before they had to move in also any help would be appreciated.


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    RE: kids won't go to sleep

    I had a child like that. I finally took a chair into her bedroom and sat in it, in the dark near her bed. I started with bathroom break and a small sip of water. Once that was out of the way, I read 1 or 2 bedtime stories. Then, lights went out. My child fought it at first. I had to return her to bed repeatedly. She begged and pleaded for more stories or to play. But once lights were out, story and play time were over. Once she got used to that & me sitting nearby, she would go to sleep after a time. Every couple of nights I moved my chair closer to her doorway and finally outside of her door and then finally out of view. It was a process, but I learned that she just needed the comfort of knowing that I was still nearby. That's what worked for us.
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    RE: kids won't go to sleep

    Bedtime routine is important do the same thing with the kids every night. Do not let them run around the house after bath time. If they are 2-4 yrs old they should be sleeping around 10 hours per day. What is probably happening is they are really ready to go to sleep at 8pm but they continue to play and take baths etc after that point which causes them to fight sleep. Their bodies don't understand I'm sleepy let's go to sleep you guys have to help them to prep for sleep before 8. Example eat supper at 630pm take baths at 7:15...let them watch 30mins of tv until 8. Read a book until 815 and bedtime. Try this. I'm a registered sleep technologist and a lot of the kids we test for sleeping disorders don't have a disorder they just don't have a bedtime routine.
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    Bedtime battles are, unfortunately, one of the sides of parenting that can be difficult. I am sorry that you are going through this.

    I think with all the changes and stress that your family has, it's probably impacted the childrens' moods and that can sometimes affect bedtime too. If parents or family members are stressed, children can feel it, and may act out. See if there is a way that you or your kids can spend individual time with the grandchildren, one on one. It could be going for a walk or to a park, but the 'special time' may calm them.

    Also, bedtime structure is very important. I do agree, that they are probably ready for bed by 7:30, and by 9/10 they may be overtired.
    Try to have the same routine every night and stick to it. Generally I recommend, dinner to end about 1 hour before bedtime routine- a bath, going to the bathroom, a story for 10-15 minutes, and then bedtime. Also make sure there are no tvs or screens 1 hour before bedtime as this can disrupt sleep.

    Hope this helps!