• 28 days ago

    Swollen Lymph Node side of Neck for 4 Years..

    MY Kid 4 years old having swollen lymph node at right side of the neck which is 8MM in size.

    I noticed it 2 months when his head was bend to a side.
    Immediately i took him to an paediatrician he said just leave and gave some Shampoo to use stating it may be due to dandruff..
    After a week still i can feel it with my 2 fingers and i took him to an ENT..
    He gave me some antibiotics for a week and told me to stop after that.
    But still i can feel the swollen lymph node.
    I took to a general Physicial he ordered for an neck ultra sound, it measured
    8mm. will it be a problem as ultra sound report came as Cervical lymphadenopathy. And the GP told to leave for 6 months and later we can examine.

    Coming to Symptoms after i noticed, i gave food to him my slef at home and he was increased 1 kg weight. He is not having any fever etc..

    Before 4 months he had fever,Cough & Cold and the paediatrican gave us antibiotics and the fewer get down,

    When i tilt his head now i didn't notice the swelling as i saw 2 months back but when search with 2 fingers i can see the lymph node.

    Will this is a serious issue. I am afraid of Lymphoma and doctors are not taking it as serious. The kid is active but my self day by day getting worst.

    Please help me will it be a problem with the Swollen Lymph more than 2 months with 8mm in size..