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    8 year old son won't sleep thru the night

    I am at witts end and extremely desperate for any advice on how I can get my 8yr old son to sleep thru the night.

    He has never slept thru the night and I have tried letting him cry as a baby. My mother lives with my husband and I plus our two sons. When I had my second son she has been here throughout his whole life. When I tried to let him cry himself to sleep as a baby I would go in after a period of time comfort him and leave. I caught my mom going into his room. She would not let him self sooth. As my son got older I could not dissuade her from bringing him into her bed. After countless arguments and differences in opinion. We are now dealing with our son who has never slept thru the night. My mom left town for two months and I am finding out just how often he gets up at night. I honestly thought he was getting over this but apparently he was waking my mother up instead of me. I have tried putting music on low, reading books at night. I am exhausted and I'm sure he has to be as well. He did tell me that He is afraid of the dark however he always has had a night light. He also said he hears things at night and it wakes him up. Please any advice on how I can help him would be greatly appreciated.


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    If he keeps hearing little noises maybe get him a white noise machine, or use an online service like that, or Napflix, so that he'll have quiet noise in the background and will less likely to wake because of sudden small noises? If it helps any, I'm an adult and I fall asleep in front of Netflix every night. I need noise to sleep. It's different than music, it's nice to have talking to listen to.

    Other than that, and a lot of parents would jump down my throat for this, but... diphenhydramine? If he was six or under I wouldn't recommend that but the dosing guide for Benadryl (just one of many brands of that substance) allows for use of the adult product on 6-11 year olds, and there are even children's versions. Maybe if he manages to do it once or twice with a sleep aid, he'll lose his fear of it? I know I occasionally did things like that as a kid.
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    RE: 8 year old son won't sleep thru the night

    Even if he is older, i would try suggestions for first tme transitioning to a bed. Also, my first thought would be to sleep with him, in his bed. After a few wakes up he will be used to you being there. Once he begins to sleep moat of the night you tell him before he falls asleep that you will be going to your bed later so he isnt surprised when he wakes, if he does, and once he is asleep you sneak away. I bet it will take approx 10 days.
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    RE: 8 year old son won't sleep thru the night

    My doctor prescribed Zarbee's Naturals Children's Sleep with Melatonin. My 8 year old son takes half the recommended dose, 1 tablet, and it works well for him. Without it, it takes him 2 hours to fall asleep at night.
    Good luck.